Gym Fails That Made Us Want To Write This Article

If you are guilty of any of these, you need to reevaluate what you stand for.

Leather Shoes

shoesLeather shoes on a treadmill are like flip-flops on an ice rink. You may think it’s fine, but I’m sure your feet will hate you for what you’ve put them through. Sneakers are the only appropriate gym shoes.

Where to get sneakers:
Sun and Sand Sports, outlet shops for U-Mark, Nike, etc. are at Al Oruba Mall. If you’re patient, you’ll score a pretty good deal on a pair, especially this September.

DR Tip:
Training shoes are okay for running on a treadmill. But if you’re planning to rack up some miles outdoors, we recommend shoes that can take above 3.7-5 km.

Non-Yoga Pants

Not all leggings are created equal. Some are created to make you comfortable, some to make you look good, and some to withstand stretching without revealing… too much of you. Dudes, you should really avoid tights, unless they are under your shorts.

Local active wear we love for women:
Tima, Zia


Folks, who are we trying to kid? Perfume and sweat do not mix well. Whatever happened to trusty ol’ deodorant? They’re relatively odorless and do not induce vomit in your gym-mates. Ladies, if you’re looking for extra protection, try men’s deodorants.

Style Over Stability

We applaud your dedication to fashion, but if your gym outfit is too tight or too elaborate, you’re doing it wrong. If you’re out to impress, do it with your reps and form, not your outfit.

DR Tip:
Due to Riyadh’s lack of humidity, a lot of us won’t break sweat easily, which is why you need breathable garments to regulate your internal temperature. Invest in good wick material and steer clear of cotton.


shortsGentlemen, please make sure you remain gentlemen by maintaining a correct shorts-to-thigh ratio. If there’s more thigh than shorts, we have a problem.

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