Guide to Jeddah Waterfront (JWF)

Catch some sun, fun, and some Jeddah good vibes.

The Jeddah Waterfront that extends along in the in-city coast of the Red Sea is considered to be one of the must visit spots. The New Corniche, as Jeddawis call it, is where locals go for family picnics, watch the waves, and just chill. Along its expanse is a bike and pedestrian lane that has become a haven for runners, cyclists, and skaters. In the evenings, enjoy the true Hejazi energy, when this area comes alive with street performers and lively cruising and strolling.


JWF Length
4.2 KM

Modes of End to End Exploration
– Rental Bikes (30 minute ride)
– On-Foot (1-1.5 hours)
– Golf Cart

Main Road
– Corniche Road

Key Landmarks
– Island Mosque
– Waterfront Viewing Deck
– Shallal Amusement Park
– Al Nawras Park
– Business Park Tower HQ
– Al Rahma Mosque

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