Guide To Historical Jeddah

One of the oldest, and most iconic locations in Jeddah is Al Balad (The Town); the historic center of the city.

The old buildings once stood there, unattended, with so many stories and history; until the Municipality of Jeddah began its efforts to restore and preserve them. Back in 2014, Al Balad was added as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has 4 main neighborhoods that include Al Mazloum, Al Sham, Al Yemen, and Al Bahr; each carrying its own narrative.


22-25 min from Waterfront (26.7km)
33-35 min from KASC (35.5km)
41-43 min from from Obhur (34.7km)
15-20 min from Al Hamra (10.2km)

Key landmarks:
Bab Makkah – Bab Al Madina
Al Naseef House
Shafei Mosque
Souk Al Nada

DKSA Tips:

1. Bring small bills with you
2. Bargain at the souq, it’s a must
3. Explore AlBalad by foot
4. Charge your phone, you will take lots of photos. While the vendors here are used to tourists, it’s always better to ask permission.

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