Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Guide to Getting Visas in Jeddah

Guide to Getting Visas in Jeddah

Traveling is an experience, whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure, adventure or family. The mere idea of being in a new place is invigorating, as you get to experience life from the perspective of others.

The world is one diverse place. Being exposed to that diversification will only add to the humanity instilled in all of us and refine our awareness and understanding of different people.


Oh the times I’ve heard people say: “I need to visit Maldives before it sinks.” Well, if you want to, you should. A tourist visa to Maldives is possible and available for Saudis. Just a visit to the Maldives embassy in Saudi Arabia to apply and you are good to go!


Maldives Embassy in Jeddah:


Time for the land down under. It would be a long flight but you would undoubtedly have a great time. An Australian visa is required for Saudis and it is possible. A visit to the Australian embassy, in Riyadh, will get you going on the right track! For Jeddah, you can apply via VFS global by visiting Tasheel Commercial center. For requirements check the following link out: Australian Embassy


Visa Center in Jeddah:

South Africa

Many of my friends have visited South Africa and they have nothing but praise whenever they talk about their experiences. Visas are required to visit, so visit the South African embassy and travel with no problems. If you’re interested in Saudi Airlines, they have compiled a list of South Africa’s visa requirements for tourism: here

South AFrica

Embassy of South Africa in Jeddah:

Czech Republic, Prague

Visiting Prague could be a cultural experience of a lifetime. It’s full of history, art and an amicable sense of adventure. VFS Global is a company that works alongside the Saudi Embassy and can help with any visa processes: Click Here


Visa Center in Jeddah:


When I think of Switzerland, the words peaceful and calm come to mind. Switzerland is a great place for summer camps, family vacations and a winter break get-away. Check the VFS website for more information on how to get a visa for Switzerland: Click Here


Visa Center in Jeddah:


Art, Culture, Pizza and more; that’s what Italy offers. Italy is one of the popular travel destinations these days.
3 easy steps with VFS to your dream Italian trip! Click Here


Visa Center in Jeddah:

What’s your favourite holiday destination?


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