Green Deen: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet

By Manal Al Dabbagh

Green Deen is the first book I come across that sheds a light on the environment from an Islamic perspective. The author highlights that protecting the environment is an essential part of our Islamic faith. The book is not an analysis of Quran or hadiths, it is a collection of the author’s thoughts, stories and practical tips.

The book is organized into four sections, each deals with one of the environmental problems that we face today, presenting ideas and solutions to be true stewards of the Earth and take care of this amana that Allah gave us.

The examples presented as solutions to these issues are inspiring. I encourage you to read the book and find your own solutions to the issues we are facing here in Saudi Arabia.

Green Mosque. In Ramadan of 2009, a group of Muslims instituted a “green iftar” policy in their mosque Lighthouse Mosque. They eliminated the use of Styrofoam and bottled water and replaced disposable plastics with stainless steel ones.
The author talks about energy from hell (oil and coal) and energy from heaven (wind and sun). We still don’t have alternative to oil in Saudi, but we can still do our part to conserve energy. A simple act of turning lights off when not in use can make a lot of difference.
Water quality and shortage are major issues facing the world today. Taking shorter showers, using less water during wudu and reducing bottled water use are practical tips anyone can take to preserve the precious water we have.
Yasir Syeed is the founder of Green Zabiha, an innovative company that provide meat to Muslim and non-Muslim consumers. The animals are raised cage free in their natural environment and slaughtered according to the proper Islamic tradition. It is an alternative from factory farming that is in conflict with Islamic principles regarding animal slaughter.

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