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Gold’s Gym Mother & Teenz

Gold’s Gym Mother & Teenz

Healthy quality time for mothers and their teenage daughters for physiotherapy.


Gold’s Gym (GG) will offer a one of a kind training experience at its Mother and Teenz Gym. The Mother and Teenz program enables mothers and their teenage daughters to not only work out together but spend some quality time and have fun as well. GG’s Teenz program aims at improving the health of teens and encouraging them to pursue a fit lifestyle.


Participating teens will have full access to the club and to the exercise classes specific to their age group. As for 18 year olds, regular membership is offered.


The Teenz program constitutes of a wide variety of classes:

This is a special work out session that combines musically choreographed moves and physical exercise. By performing this workout, teens will improve their cardiovascular system and burn calories.

Ball Teenz
As the name suggests, this workout includes a stability ball. This fun training will increase muscle endurance, flexibility, balance along with posture and coordination.

Sh’bam Teenz
This training is a high-energy, fat burning class that includes fast aerobic moves while enjoying music for a more energetic and dynamic exercise.

Circuit Training Teenz
This training is a combination of different exercises to help teens have an all rounded experience. Also known as the boot camp, it integrates running, interval training, weights, steps and more exercises to ensure weight loss and elevated cardiovascular activity.

Combo Teenz
Training meant to burn calories and energizes teens through step movements.

Spinn Teenz
This spinning class is a simulation of riding a bike on flat areas or hills. Teens on the stationary bikes will acquire body strength. The class also incorporates sprinting and jumping ahead of the spinning part.

EasyLine Teenz
Station training that combines the usage of hydraulic exercise equipment with step workouts. It is a preferable way for the beginning of training as it warms up the body and ntroduces it to physical movement.

 Mother and Teenz Gym aspires to become the number one place for mothers and teens to stay healthy. Finally, Gold’s Gym delivers its message by saying “we are passionate about helping all become fit and healthy and we know the importance of starting healthy habits at a young Teenz age.” 
Location: Al Nahda St. off Tahlia St.
Tel: +966-12-6684807
Instagram: goldsgymarabia
Facebook: goldsgymarabia
Twitter: goldsgymarabia


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