Go With the Flow JEDDAH

Viva agua this summer!

Summer is here! And we all want to escape the heat. So explore the variety of water-based activities in Saudi Arabia. From private and public beaches to hidden waterfalls and rivers. It will surely keep you, your family, and your friends entertained all summer long!

Navigate through our list of must-do activities that will make you fall in love with water all over again.

Often dubbed ‘The Bride of the Red Sea”,  Jeddah is home to an extraordinary coast with a collection of private and public beaches to cater to your needs. Here are some of its most prominent beaches:


Private Beaches

If you’re ready to escape the crowd and relax in a more enclosed shore, check out Jeddah’s many private beaches for some tranquil fun in the sun.

  • OIA Beach Resort
    location: 8984 Prince Abdullah AlFiasal St
    Tel: +966-12-2133336
    Instagram: oaiabeach
  • Boho Beach Jeddah
    location: 7754 Abhar, AZ Zomorod District, Jeddah
  • Silver Sands Beach
    location:  Prince Abdullah AlFiasal St, Al Lulu,
    Tel: +966-12-6510650


Public Beaches

Explore the hidden treasures of Jeddah’s coasts, with its glorious seaside horizons. Enjoy your friends and family, at little to no cost!

  • Khaleej Salman
    A public beach on the outskirts of northern Jeddah in Dahban, ‘Khaleej Salman’ is a hidden gem known to locals. Have a slice of watermelon from the watermelon-shaped kiosk on the shore, or stay all day and night camped out with your car, a tent, and your friends.
  • South Corniche Beach
    Another hidden gem, the South Corniche Public Beach, is located on the Southern end of Jeddah. It is a long shoreline where you can park your car on the sand and look out onto the stunning horizon. Grab an ice cream from the ice cream trucks that are constantly driving by.
  • Shuaibah Beach
    A tranquil yet fascinating beachfront, the Shuaibah Beach is known for its stunning and mysterious shipwreck that can be seen from its shores. It is also a great spot to relax by the sea, dive around its coral reefs, and even sit by a campfire at night watching the abundance of stars that can be seen due to the lack of city lights.

Shuaibah Beach is an hour drive from Jeddah’s center.


Aquatic Adventures

Scuba Diving

A favorite in Jeddah due to the abundance of exquisite coral reefs and fascinating types of fish to witness. Scuba Diving is available at various beaches and locations.

  • Desert Sea Divers
    Location: Dive Village، Prince Abdullah AlFiasal St, North Obhur، Jeddah
    Tel: +966-507977603
    Instagram: desertseadivers
  • Dive Village
    Location: Coral Beach, Obhur Al-Shamaliyah, Jeddah


Jet Skiing

Another favorite in the city! You can rent jet skis from most marinas and beach areas in the Obhur neighborhood of Jeddah. Rentals start from SR 500 and up.

  • Jet Ski Rental
    Location: Obhur Al Shamaliyah, Jeddah
    Tel:  +966- 544703809
  • Jeddah Yachts Marina
    Location: Prince Abdullah AlFiasal St, North، Jeddah
    Tel:  +966-544703809

The Fountain Beach
A great place to relax and bask in the view of the glorious King Fahd Fountain. It’s also a great spot to have a family picnic. So, pack a picnic basket!

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