#MondayMotivation: Getting in the Fit Zone

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It’s amazing how new fitness centers are popping up around town, giving ladies of Riyadh more options and less excuses to commit to their workout goals. We’re all for it so every week, we’ll try to give you a primer on the latest gyms in the city so you can find your fit (hah).

One such option is the new Fit Zone, situated just above the Learning Zone on Takhassussi St. While the gym caters to women of all ages, we see how a lot of moms can hit two birds with one stone— being able to drop your kids off for their after school classes down below and instead of just waiting for them to finish, you can squeeze in a Zumba class or take a spin.

We also found Fit Zone to be the perfect place for people of different fitness levels. The equipment area is one of the most impressive and spacious ones we’ve seen in the city. Hence, advance gym rats may find it to be a sanctuary. There’s an instructor available all day to help you figure out all the buttons and knobs so newbies need not feel daunted too.

The classes are as diverse as they go, for those wanting to bust some moves, you’ve got Zumba and Bokwa; they also have Yoga, Pilates, UGI and if you’re looking to beast it out— yes, they will be offering CrossFit.

Membership wise, the prices are reasonable (considering the average rates we have in Riyadh). There’s personal training sessions too and the space they’ve carved out for it is quite cozy and charming.

We love that they have a small healthy café on the second floor, so you can chill after your workout, it has an open terrace seating of sorts if you want to bask in the sun (or moonlight).

For more information, visit: Fitzone Ksa
Or check their Instagram for updates: @fitzoneksa

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