Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Get Your Shade Game On

Get Your Shade Game On

Trending sunnies for men who want to make a mark this summer.

This summer, beat the sun at its own game. Whether you’re in the city or travelling, we all know how unforgiving and grueling the sun can be come summer time. Apart from investing in good-quality sunscreen, you also NEED to take a minute and pick out the perfect pair of sunnies to rock this season!

1. Mirrored Sunglasses

These glasses are the sexiest trend ever! If you happen to wear them while walking down the street, it’ll immediately draw all eyes to you.

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2. Clip-on Sunglasses

It’s all about the clip-on this year! The thicker the clip, the cooler the shades.

11890267_9003880_1000-1 screen-shot-2017-06-11-at-9-46-49-pm

3. Vintage Sunnies

Because a spark from the past doesn’t hurt… at all.

12111425_9944998_1000 screen-shot-2017-06-11-at-9-48-09-pm

4.  Aviators

Nope, not the ones the cowboys wear. This season, squares are taking over!

vintage-frames-copy retrosuperfuture

5. Round Frames

Round sunnies will never go out of style, though, their size may vary. This year, very small circular sunglasses are getting highly popular! Vintage never fades away.

bottega-veneta2-copy masunaga

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