Four Tips for Grocery Shopping While Fasting

The one golden rule of grocery shopping: don’t do it while you’re hungry. However, it sometimes can’t be avoided during Ramadan when you’re fasting half the day. Here are four tips to help you grocery shop the smart way while hungry.
Timing is key
Head to the store shortly after suhoor or between iftar and taraweeh if possible – the least hungry times during Ramadan. Alternatively, go shopping after you’ve already cooked so you are less likely to be fill up your cart with pre-cooked greasy goodness.
Make a list!
This is important – Ramadan or not. It’s much easier to stay focused and buy only what you came for if you have a list.
Promise yourself one awesome treat
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – there’s nothing wrong with indulging occasionally. Just plan it right and limit yourself to just one well-deserved treat.
Walk Away
Stay away from the bakery area and the junk food aisles. Just resist the temptation!
Check this video out for some tips on how NOT to shop: Ramadan Grocery Shopping

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