Food Cravings Explained

Cravings, what they mean and how to satisfy them.

By knowing how intelligent our bodies are, we should also know how to listen to it and give it exactly what it needs. Even cravings are a sign of distress, and each craving signals a lack of something in the body that must be replenished.

So, here are some major cravings and how to satisfy them without harming your body.

  1. Sugar: If you’re craving donuts, frosted flakes and sugar cookies, you’re probably lacking in the tryptophan, sulfur and phosphorus departments. These can be found in cheese, cranberries, sweet potatoes and chicken.1

  1. Salty Food: We all love chips and French fries, but why do we crave them? That’s because chloride and silicon are missing from our systems. They are luckily available in fish, nuts and seeds.


  1. Oily Food: When you’re craving a big, juicy, oily burger. It’s time to fuel-up on some calcium. Milk, cheese and veggies are full of just that.


  1. Chocolate: Who doesn’t like chocolate? Okay, I can think of a few. But eating a lot of it can be very bad for you. The next time you find yourself reaching for a chocolate bar, try having some nuts and veggies instead, because what your body’s telling you is that it needs magnesium.4

  1. Carbs: The biggest craving of all. Seriously, who doesn’t like carbs? But the real reason as to why we crave it so much is probably because we need a lot more nitrogen than we’re getting. A great source of that is protein, fatty fish, nuts and beans.


  1. Caffeine: Well, maybe this one is an even bigger craving issue for a lot of people, but the main reason as to why we’re such coffee addicts is because we’re lacking some serious phosphate, sulfur and iron. We can get that easily from nuts, black cherries, onions, red peppers and garlic.


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