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Floating FITCAMP

Get fit on the New Francesca boat!

After leading effective fitness camps from 2015, FITCAMP, the Fitness Playground, in collaboration with FITboxKSA (founded by Yasmine Hassan), planned an exciting, unforgettable fitness trip called the “Floating FITCAMP,” which took place in May 2017. This camp consisted of a 5-day fitness and lifestyle safari inspired by the passion for movement, adrenaline, adventure and nature. As mentioned in the name “Floating” it is literally a fit camp on water!grouppicture1

As interesting as this sounds there’s more to it; they cruise the waters of the Red Sea with the Colona Divers, having everyday stops in different neighboring islands such as Tawila, Jobal, Gaysoum, and Dolphin Reef.  fitcamp179

FITCAMP’s main goal is to inspire, empower, and encourage people to live healthier, happier, and more active lives; they are not only targeting fit people, but also encourage unfit people to join. There are a number of opportunities to learn and engage in movement patterns within a safe environment with qualified practitioners who want to help. There are different specialized fitness practitioners onboard from functional-training, yoga, calisthenics, weight lifting and so on. Fun Water sports brought to the program include scuba-diving, wake-boarding, kitesurfing, snorkeling, and stand-up paddling; of course all this is included within the package! Their ultimate goal is to provide a one stop for all.fitcamp148

During the free-time, you will be spending it enjoying music, BBQs, sharing stories, getting to known each other, etc. All this is done on a boat, “New Francesca,” which has 10 shared accommodation rooms, with access to fresh water, clean bathrooms, and comfortable beds. All healthy meals are freshly prepared on the boat by the resident chef.fitcamp104

And the finale to this, is a masseuse who is onboard to massage your soreness away!


Date: Oct. 4 – 8
Contact Yasmine for more info and how to join them!
Email: yasmine.h.hassan@gmail.comfitcamp61

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