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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Fitness for La Familia

Fitness for La Familia
By Amal Al Toaimi

We live in an era of gadgets and it has made our lifestyle sedentary. According to statistics; obesity levels have risen from 11 percent to 30 percent since 1980s in developed nations.


There are various ways to improve this situation, and of course the most significant amongst them is physical activity. Let’s assume you would like to improve your family’s lifestyle by incorporating a healthy diet, and increasing physical activity.


Here are some fun ways to motivate your family to get active!

1. Turn house chores into challenges
Pick a day of the week where each member of the family cleans an area of the house/apartment. And the person who has done the best job gets a reward.

2. Buy a pedometer
Buy a pedometer for each member of the family, and have a weekly or daily challenge of who’s completed the most steps. Pedometer apps like Noom Walk compare member  activities.

3. For pet lovers
Play with your pets. You can run, walk or even play ball with your dog or cat.

4. Turn TV commercials into fitness breaks
Play active games during commercial breaks on TV. Or do jumping jacks, spot jogging, squats, etc.

5. Hire a personal trainer
You can have one-week sessions as a family and hold a fitness boot camp at home.

6. Go on active trips
You can take your family to fishing, camping, or hiking trips. There are lots of family-friendly options. Or plan vacations by the beach or mountains so you can swim, climb and enjoy
the outdoors.

7. Have a sports day
Designate one day of the week for a sport activity. Play basketball in your yard or have swimming races in the pool.

8. Plant a garden
Assign a different member of the family each time to water the house plants.

9. Purchase fitness video games
There are many options from yoga, pilates and dancing to balance, bowling and boxing.


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