Fitness Classes We Love in Riyadh

By Seyma Saracimen
We’ve gathered some of the classes in the city that will give you a little variety.

1- Antigravity Yoga

Take your balance and strength to a whole new level while making it seem like a swing in the park.

Female Gym
Price: SR 800/12 visits
Location: Spectrum

2- Aqua Aerobics

This resistance workout is great for people who have injuries as the water surrounding the muscles help ease any tensions. It’s time to bring on your inner Triton!

Male Gym
Price: SR 2,000 – 6,000/year
Location: Fitness First

3- R.A.W. (Riyadh Active Women)

For those of you who are magnetized towards Cross Fit yet are intimidated by it, R.A.W. is the perfect class to enhance your hidden Olympic skills without being face smacked by a barbell.

Female Gym
Price: SR 50/class – membership required
Location: NUYU

4- Aqua Spinning

Aqua-cycling! How epic is that?! Take your spinning underwater and get that extra resistance your junk-in-the-trunk needs.

Female Gym
Price: SR 150/class
Location: Kore Studios

5- Kickboxing

Alright, we know your excuses for not Bruce Lee’ing all over the place. But I’m sorry to break it to you, you have no excuses left for not putting in 30 minutes of your time, because kickboxing has never been more convenient.

Male Gym
Price: SR 1,500/3 months
Location: 9round

6- Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the perfect martial art that gives you the right fighting technique without the need to be The Mountain, if you know what I’m saying.

Male Gym
Price: SR 700/month
Location: Body Masters

7- Ubound

Who doesn’t enjoy jumping on a mini trampoline? An extreme intense training with zero impact and no damage on the joins, Ubound also benefits the lymphatic system. It makes training very simple, effective and fun.

Female Gym
Location: Al Multaka

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