Activities to get the family moving.


1. Swish Basketball Academy

Swish Basketball Academy offers basketball training membership and classes for both boys and girls, for all under 14.

Instagram: swishksa
Location: Prince Sultan Rd., Al Mohammadiyah

2. Al Jazeera Equestrian Club

One of the largest equestrian clubs in Saudi, the Al Jazeera Equestrian Club offers horseback riding lessons for all ages.

Instagram: al_jazirah_center
Location: Um Hableen Valley

3. Barracuda Swim Academy

The Barracuda Swim Academy offers children from 4 years and
up the opportunity to develop their swimming skills.

Instagram: barracuda_swim
Location: Al Amal St., Al Naeem

4. Match Point Tennis Academy

Match Point Tennis Academy is a World Class academy that teaches children of all ages.

Instagram: mp.padel
Location: Al Marwah Dist.

5. Daz Children

Daz Children’s Entertainment Center helps develop and enrich a child’s intelligence through fun.

Instagram: dazplay_sa
Location: Sultan Mall, Prince Sultan Road, Al Zahraa Dist.

6. The Professional Tennis Academy – Vamos

The first tennis academy in Jeddah to be licensed by the Tennis Saudi Federation, and offers classes and programs for both children and adults, making it a great academy to learn while also spending quality time outdoors with your child.

Instagram: vamostennissa
Location: Prince Abdul Majeed St., Al Sheraa Dist.

7. Cyan Waterpark

A chance for your kids to splash around, the Cyan Waterpark offers a wide selection of rides that are fit for all ages, as well as inclusive school trips for children to learn while enjoying their time.

Instagram: cyanwaterpark
Location: King Saud Rd.

8. Little Camel Playground

The Little Camel Playground is a kids club that caters to children from 1 – 6 years of age and aims to aid in their development while also fostering a fun and enjoyable environment.

Instagram: littlecamelsa
Location: King Abdallah Rd, Al Salam Mall

9. Friendzone Preschool

A preschool, daycare, nursery, and seasonal camp, the Friendzone Preschool allows children to experience fun and valuable skill-learning activities while in a social setting.

Instagram: friendszone_preschool_jeddah
Location: Jamrah Ibn Awf, Al Naeem

Discover events all over Saudi

Check out this website for activities all around Saudi, whether you like outdoor adventures or indoor crafts.

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