Feed Them From the Heart

By Dania Shams

A good table setting to set you apart from everyone.

We are long past the age of formal table settings and the rules of tabletop perfection. To impress your guests these days, you must shock, show them something new; remember everyone eats with their eyes first.

The new rule to follow is to break all the rules! Miss match tableware, and in this case, more is more.

Items I will always have on my table are low vases filled with seasonal flowers, fruits and vegetables. Avoid synthetic flowers at a dining table; natural will allow you and your guests to feel connected to the table you are about to eat at. Also avoid flowers with overpowering scents; this might distract form the smell of deliciousness.

It is very important to have more than one drinking glass for each diner. I would go as far as to recommend three drinking glasses per person. The reason behind this is, you can never predict what each person will want to drink, and one might like to change beverages with each dish. Give your guests the freedom of choice.

Same rule applies for plates and cutlery. Provide bowls, large plates, small plates and why not a second plate? As for cutlery, make sure there’s at least two of everything. Remember we are playing a miss match game, so bring all the tableware out. Nothing really needs to match, just make sure you have a continuous concept. If you’re setting a Moroccan table keep it oriental, if you’re setting a French table keep it European, etc.

Finally, condiments and beverages. There is really no need to advertise the brands you are offering at the table, so use container holders of transfer sauces and beverages into your own containers. As for fizzy drinks, how about wrapping them simply with a napkin. Remember it is your table, you dictate what goes on it, don’t let the brands you use guide the table you set.

Final words of wisdom: Setting a table is like telling a story, and a story well told is a story always remembered.

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