Fashionable Stainless Steel Jewelry

Having become the latest fashion statement in recent times, stainless steel jewelry has come a long way in attracting the attention of jewelry lovers everywhere including Hollywood celebrities. If one brand is to be given credit in making stainless steel jewelry fashionable, then it would be the Italian brand Zoppini.

It was Mauro Zoppini, President and Executive Sales Manager of MPF Group that owns the Zoppini brand, who identified the pulse of the younger generation and introduced the “Feeling” collection in 1997; it went on to become a best-seller for the company amongst all Zoppini branded items at the time. Mauro Zoppini spoke to Destination Jeddah on his first ever visit to the Kingdom.


Discussing The Four Zoppini Brands

Mauro-ZoppiniThe great thing about having a family run business is that we create and develop jewelry with a passion. Our brands each have a target group and price and each has a different fashion concept behind it. The brands include Manuel.Zed, for the hip and determined young people; Makuti, which is sophisticated and original high-quality jewelry; Zable, casual bracelets and necklaces; and Zoppini which has now become an extensive collection of contemporary jewelry for any occasion. Zoppini is the most important of the four brands as it is trendier and is made from lots of different materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. We launch new collections three times a year in the months of January, May and September. Incidentally, the Zoppini Stores in Jeddah are stocked with our latest collections.


Public Reaction To Zoppini Jewelry

It is great to see people be so interested in our trendy jewelry which is what I saw at the Zoppini kiosk that recently opened in Roshana Mall. It is something new for them. The classic jewelry with precious stones, like diamonds and rubies, haves always been around and will remain, but our focus is to create something fresh, something that separates us from traditional jewelry and gives people a new outlook in fashion; especially the younger people.


Stainless Steel And Zoppini Philosophy

Steel is not only indestructible but, the way we work with it in our designs, gives it a luster that is magnificent to behold. We are using a 316L grade stainless steel alloy, which has superior corrosion resistance and is non-allergic. We are also able to combine steel and gold which results in dramatic jewelry designs. Even if most of our designs are not 18k gold or silver, the finishing of our stainless steel jewelry is what really makes it stand out.


Recession And Zoppini Stores In KSA

DSC_0039 As you know that the economic situation around the world these days is not so great. Now may not be the perfect time for businesses, but we have been lucky because people here are fascinated by our jewelry and there is genuine interest in our products. The prices of our jewelry have also been instrumental in attracting people because we start from fifty riyals and go up to a thousand riyals or more.


The Vision Of MPF Group In The Kingdom

We want to build the brand name in KSA which has just only taken hold. Our aim is to have five to six stores here in Jeddah and then expand to other cities like Riyadh. We want to cover the country as best as we can, but we don’t want to have any substandard locations for our Zoppini Stores. So, to search for the right location is going to take time and we will patiently wait for such locations to become available.


Thoughts About The Kingdom And Jeddah

Honestly, I have not seen much of the country or Jeddah, since I have just arrived from Hong Kong today and will be leaving for Italy tomorrow. I was just waiting for our first opening in Saudi Arabia to come and visit; I’m surprised by the store locations which are superb and the malls they are located inside are just beautiful. Jeddah is a city of malls. Even in Milan or Rome we don’t have such big malls, such luxurious ones. I do hope to return in the near future though.

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