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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Fashion Do’s And Don’ts, According to Yoko

Fashion Do’s And Don’ts, According to Yoko
By Johara Al Mogbel

Yoko is the DR diva alter ego and office therapist. She’s the “head” that keeps us sane and fashionably sound. Baffled? Check @destinationryd on Instagram to meet Yoko.


Yoko Oh Yes


Ooh this girl is chic. Who else would match their dress to their carry on? Much approved.


If we could change one thing in this dapper Cuban’s outfit it would be that Hermes belt, but with a billingham back one cannot fault the need to brag a little. Mere mortals: Do not attempt unless in beachy city.


Purple New Balances with an ankle sock and white jeans with a blue sneakers? Check, check, and check. This couple know they’re comfy.


The popped collar is meh, but the bag and the trench coat? Saunter on, stylish gentleman. Saunter on.


Hemp and diamonds are a girl’s best friend, didn’t you know? They’re this girl’s friend, anyway. Gah-orgeous.


Males, take note: This is how you do roll up jeans. Fix your build while you’re at it. But do avoid the hair. Please, and thank you.


It’s high time guys carried their own hand sanitizer and wet wipes, and this is not a bad way to do it. Not a bad way at all.


There is so much right in this picture, I don’t know how to start. The flowing blouse in a lovely shade of blue? The gorgeous oxfords that pair with that gorgeous backpack? Bless you, elegant hijabi. Bless you.


This woman nailed it nicely with a grey confection with a proper length and mismatched hijab to give it texture. Oh, yes!


Yoko Oh No


There is nothing worse than a dragging abaya. Unhygienic, seeing as it sweeps the entire unclean floor with you. Don’t. Just don’t.


We hate to criticize children, but don’t pull up those socks, chica. It’s so 80s.


How not to do polka dots. Oh, lady, if only you’d worn different pants. Yoko oh no!


ALERT. ALERT. CRIMINAL OFFENSE IN SIGHT. Woman! Who goes to Disney in sky-heels??


Just because ripped jeans are all the craze doesn’t mean you can slice up your pants like Swiss cheese. Moderation is the key, darlin’. And by moderation I mean no.


There is color coordinating your outfit and then there’s this. Where do I even start?


Your tenacity to color-block is admirable, really, but perhaps you might revise the tone of colors?


What’s wrong here? Yeah, that outfit looks perfectly fine and it would be if it wasn’t in the middle of a scorching summer. Winter vests should stay in winter.


Clothes should only have zippers where they’re actually used. What, you’re going to air your knees out now? And the shoes. Everything. I’m being blinded.



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