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Oooh, we love it when high fashion forgets they only live on air and dip their fingers into the lovely world of munching.

Nothing’s better than walking into a wedding with a croissant clutch after starving for a week to get into the dress. With that in mind, we’ve compiled the best collection a true foodie could have in their closet to complement the, er, other best collection ever that we featured in the print magazine. Eat Dress on!

This little Valentino number is perfect for those who have predilections to feel a bit like a fruitcake. Bonus: It’s got glitter!


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Charlotte Olympia, you food bag queen. We haven’t seen non-edible objects look this delectable since we tried to munch on a cupcake soap. Unfortunately, we can’t find the gold plated croissant being sold anywhere so feel free to stare at it here.


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The taco clutch can be, happily, found here.


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Anya Hindmarch made her mark in the world with quirky, offbeat purses, so it’s no surprise to us that this accurate-to-a-fault carryable cereal box is one of hers. The corn flakes version is sold out, but this delectable snakeskin cocoa pops clutch is still available here.


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Anya Hindmarch and Charlotte Olympia a little to rich for your blood? Try this chocolate box bag from Kate Spade! Still expensive at 398$, but you never know, they might put it on sale one day. Mind you don’t actually try to eat it…


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We’re not fans of tchiktchok jewellery that’s extremely overpriced, but we’ve gotta admit that Vanessa Arizaga caught our eye with these banana earrings. And a pizza charm bracelet? Yes please. Wait for the sale though because: extremely overpriced.


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We are huge fans of Urania Gazelli’s playing card clutches, so imagine our surprise when we found these food inspired ones! Care to look like a gum advert in evening wear? Then the spearmint clutch is for you. And on the off chance you’re a rabid tic tac fan, worry not: She’s got giant tictac boxes, too.

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No food inspired clothing list is complete without this collaboration between the widely known Karl Lagerfeld and the plastic shoe giant Melissa. Ice cream heels should be the standard uniform, to be honest. And they’re on sale!


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If we could transform into a giant potato at will, we’d be so very happy. But until we figure out how to do that, we figure there’s no harm in dressing like the inside of a happy meal.

Fries socks:


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Hamburger and Fries combo:


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Junk food shoes:


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Junk food collar brooch:


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Sometimes, it’s not enough to wear a 2d print of your favourite food. Sometimes you have to wear something that looks like it would be edible so much, that it could only have come out of a Japanese factory that makes realistic food props for restaurants. Hatanaka, a food sample company, decided to branch out from their specialty to include accessories like this delightful pudding headband. We’d totally buy all their stock if we could. What? It looks delicious!


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We dream of a world where donuts take over, and become free for all those who wish to live in an earthly paradise. We know we featured Betsy Johnson and Skinny Dip on print already, but these two brands are a goldmine of scrumptious threads. Case in point, these donut inspired bags from both brands. Crossbody bag from Betsey Johnson and Donut backpack from Skinny Dip.

Wearing food shirts and pants and socks and bags and headbands isn’t enough for us. We need to wear food on our necks, too. And what better way to do that than a big donut necklace that looks so accurate we thought it was a new Dunkin Donuts marketing gimmick? More of a savoury fan? We’ve also got something for that. Sushi ring, anyone?


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Sushi ring:


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Sweets charm bracelet:


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And finally, this brilliantly expressive piece of clothing. Amen, shirt. Amen.


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