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Exploring Mallet London’s AW23 Collection: A Fusion of Style and Creativity

Mallet London's exciting new collection

Mallet London, the pioneering British brand known for reshaping the landscape of footwear and clothing, is set to make waves with its highly anticipated AW23 clothing collection. This collection is a collaborative effort with some of the United Kingdom’s most influential creative minds, including grime icon Ghetts, the talented Berna, the innovative One Wheel Wavey, and well known Silky.

Launched in August 2023 and available to the discerning fashion enthusiasts in the UAE at mallet.com, this collection is a tribute to the UK’s ‘Local Legends.’ These iconic figures have consistently inspired generations with their distinctive artistic expressions and avant-garde fashion sensibilities.

Mallet London has always been at the forefront of redefining fashion, and this collaboration reaffirms its commitment to pushing boundaries. By working alongside these remarkable individuals, the brand promises an AW23 collection that transcends the conventional and showcases the extraordinary.

From streetwear to high fashion, this collection reflects the diverse influences of its collaborators, offering a unique blend of styles that match the modern fashion styles. 

With the AW23 collection, Mallet London once again proves that fashion knows no boundaries and that true legends are the ones who break them.

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