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Exploring Global Tastes at Foodex Saudi in Riyadh 2023

Foodex in Riyadh

Foodex is Saudi Arabia’s leading international trade exhibition, wholly dedicated to the food and drink industry, held within the city of Riyadh. It’s a golden opportunity for Saudi buyers to explore products from over 75 countries, connecting with exhibitors who showcase a diverse range of global culinary offerings. 

Drawing in more than 15,000 trade visitors from the food and drink sectors, the exhibition is a hotspot for professionals in the industry. From mass distribution to retail, manufacturing, and hospitality, it’s the ultimate networking opportunity.

The exhibition is the largest and fastest-growing food market in the region, and is making waves in the culinary world. With a staggering 6% growth rate predicted over the next five years, and with an array of features, that include live cooking demonstrations to international and local food and drink associations, it’s a must-attend event for industry professionals.

In addition, it hosts a wide array of exhibitors, spanning sectors such as canned and preserved goods, dairy, drinks, food technology, meat, poultry, specialty products, sweets, grains, and much more. With international and local associations participating, it’s a comprehensive showcase of the food and drink industry.

Foodex Saudi collaborates with international organizations and trade promotion agencies, promoting global business opportunities and an aspect that is loved by many is that the exhibition holds various event features and activities, appealing both the exhibitors and attendees. 

One of the highlights is the Kingdom Chef Competition, which is in collaboration with World Association of Chefs Societies (WACs)and Saudi Arabian Chefs Association (SARCA), is an event that brings together over 200 gourmet specialists and chefs, and a cooking competition which showcases some of the best Chef’s within the culinary industry or Saudi Arabia. 

Another important feature is the Business Match Program which facilitates meetings between trade visitors, investors, and exhibitors. Buyers and exhibitors can schedule meetings before the show, maximizing their networking opportunities.

The third, and exciting feature is the Foodex Saudi Live Kitchen, where exhibitors demonstrate their products through live cooking. An example from the past exhibition was the Mixology Competition, “Mocktail Bar”.

Foodex Saudi is a testament to the vibrancy of Saudi Arabia’s food and drink industry. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring chef, this event promises a delightful experience. 


Additional Info:

Date: 17th September 2023

Location: Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center

Click here to register and be a part of the exhibition

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