Exploring and Discoveries in an Islamic Sense

Exploring has always been an excitement-filled acquaintance with new cuisines, cultures, peoples and languages. Adventure and exploring can be done in a variety of strata with discoveries of different worth and import, and the precious acquirement of all discoveries is useful knowledge.

As Socrates says: “The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.” (469 BC – 399 BC)

However, that what are precious are hardly easy to obtain; yet the pleasure of gaining something precious is unquestionably priceless.

Be it the diamond formation process or scaling the Alps etc., everything requires hard work, dedication and definitely the worth of Islamic knowledge is incomparable. Furthermore, Islam is the religion of knowledge; the first ayah of the Qur’an to be revealed enjoined reading, which is the key to knowledge.

In Islam, knowledge comes before action; there can be no action without knowledge, not to mention the fact that gaining Islamic knowledge is in fact obligatory on every Muslim, as the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: ‘Seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim.’ (220. Classed as Sahih by Al Albaani in Sahih Sunan Ibn Maajah)

As we embark on our journey to seek Islamic knowledge, we should keep in mind the following hadith, whereby the Messenger (PBUH) said, “He who treads the path in search of (Islamic) knowledge, Allah will make easy for him a path to Paradise.” [Sahih Muslim]

Subhan Allah, bingo there we go, a pathway to Jannah.

Knowledge and Taqwa, fear of Allah, may be attained by knowing His signs and creation. The knowledgeable are those who know that, hence Allah praises them by saying (interpretation of the meaning):

“It is only those who have knowledge among His slaves that fear Allah” [Faatir 35:28]

Yet there is no goodness in knowledge, which is not confirmed by action, or words, which are not confirmed by deeds. Hence it is incumbent that we act upon what we learn.

‘Knowledge must come through action; you can have no test which is not fanciful, save by trial.’ (Sophocles, 496 BC – 406 BC, Trachiniae)

In addition to our resolutions, seeking Allah’s help is absolutely essential, for Allah alone can help us in our quest.

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