Escape Riyadh

Your guide to secret room games in the city.

  • You’ll get locked in a room and would have to solve clues and escape within 60-90 minutes depending on the rules.
  • It’s totally safe, if you get claustrophobic all you have to do is opt out at any given time.
  • Bookings are usually done through the websites.
  • Your phones are not allowed inside the room.
  • Strategize, it’s actually fun, whether you want a democracy or assign a task per person, form a strategy. This is why live interactive games are great for team building!
  1. Escape Arabia

Three rooms, different levels of difficulty. You can either choose to be Dr. Watson trying to save Holmes from his nemesis Moriarty, a Rogue policeman, or a conspiracy hunter for 60 minutes at a time. When it comes to exit games, you can’t exactly play the same room twice. (You can, but then again, why?). Corporate team building packages are available and they even have a workshop open area that’s pretty nifty.

DR’s Favorite: Area 51. Because, Aliens.

Instagram: escape_arabia

  1. The Secret Room

img_20161220_155807Available in Riyadh, Jeddah and Khobar. Now the thing is, a Sherlock Holmes room seems to be a staple, so expect that here too, but instead of playing Watson, you get to be the renowned detective himself. You can also take on the persona of Jack Sparrow (we don’t know if it’s the infamous pirate but feel free to imagine).

Mob: +966-555049809
Instagram: thesecretroom_sa

  1. Breakout KSA

cw5q5wmxeaalgwqAnd once again you find yourself locked inside 221b Baker St. (guess who lives there? This is quite elementary, dear Watson!). We love how Breakout KSA has grown since we first took a crack at its room with a blue door. Their new game gets a double thumbs up for originality: Dukkan Ziryab. It’s now your job to find out what this merchant of quirks and curiosities has up his sleeves.

DR Tip: Ask for the HOT CHOCOLATE. All caps warranted.

Instagram: +966-567667007

  1. Escape X

Ever fancied being an international art thief? How about attempting to solve the case of a missing illusionist? The great thing about Escape X is that it can handle large groups, we’re talking 25 persons per team. So, it is a good pick for team building activities, department edition or if you want your own literal version of family feud.

Whatsapp: +966-565924140

  1. Ahaji

ahaji-escaperoom-march-riyadh-2017-courtesyIf you want a local-themed game, then Ahaji is it. This escape room experience is rendered solely in Arabic. We love the touch of culture, we’ll give it that.

Mob: +966-536370770


The Way Out KSA

Okay, kudos to these guys for making zombie inspired rooms. That alone is enough reason to try it out. Their website is up and running but we’re waiting for their official opening.

Whatsapp: +966-530337542

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