Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Emerging Artists that are Shaping the New Decade

Emerging Artists that are Shaping the New Decade

On the road to becoming aces, these emerging creatives are climbing their way up the ladder. Pushing forward their ideas and innovative art styles, these artists are shaping the future of the Saudi art scene.

exlkv3nwsaehyijBayan Yasien

We can best describe Bayan Yasien’s art style as similar to illustrations in children’s books; her art is a mixture of portraits, anime, and cartoons. She began her journey when she was just six, and through her art, she aims to express her emotions. Being influenced by her culture and society, she often inserts small details into her art that emulate today’s views and events, leaving a distinctive imprint of her unique style onto the world.

Instagram: unique.beno

PrintNoha Abdul Raheem

Noha Abdul Raheem has been in love with Arabic calligraphy since a very young age. She was inspired by artist Haji Noor Deen’s work leading her to research more about Kanji Calligraphy. She believes that mixing Arabic with another language will show how beautiful and flexible the language is. She wishes to encourage people to try mixing Arabic with different languages if possible.

Instagram: noha_raheem

layla-falls-asleepSara Al Abdali

Sara Al Abdali received her Master’s in traditional crafts and Islamic art in 2014. Although she loves working solemnly in her studio, she often dreads exhibiting her art and stepping outside her studio’s comfort. She uses her unique style of art as a motif of storytelling where she narrates tales of identity, belonging, and spirituality. With her art, she aims to communicate things and thoughts that can’t be delivered in any other medium.

Instagram:  sarahalabdaliart

profileDoa Bugis

Although Doa Bugis’s unofficial inauguration into the world of painting was in 2018, she began her artistic journey when she was just a child sketching flowers from her garden.Her style is Islamic art and heavily influenced the different Miniature painting techniques, specifically Safavid, Qajar, and Mughal styles. She loves being an artist as the process is therapeutic, and it gives her the ability to tell stories that translate her emotions into visual manifestations.

Instagram:  doabugis

20201124_145252-01Yousef Yahya

Yousef Yahya began learning calligraphy in 2013 with the Square Kufic style related to his architectural work. He derives his inspiration from his Islamic, Arabic heritage along with contemporary art. He finds verses from the Quran artistic and inspiring and finds Arabic poetry very profound and meaningful sentiments that he emotes into his artwork. In the future, he aims to work on his skills through academic study while also participating in the Saudi Vision 2030 through his art and calligraphy through different mediums.

Instagram:  ucfyahya

%d9%a2%d9%a0%d9%a2%d9%a1%d9%a0%d9%a1%d9%a1%d9%a6_%d9%a2%d9%a3%d9%a5%d9%a8%d9%a4%d9%a3Hatem Al Ahmad

Hatem Al Ahmed focuses on visual art, a cross between painting, printmaking, and installation projects. He aims to understand how humanity thinks about life and how that can be interpreted into different stories, mainly because art is all around us. His art style projects the raw material and feeling of understanding where humanity is heading, especially when the future in some aspects seems grim. It’s his goal to touch humanity with ideas that cannot be rated.

Instagram:  hatem_al_ahmad

special-friendahip4Riyadh Waleed

Riyadh Waleed is a talented 2D animator that creates most of his art by hand. He was passionate about drawing from a very young age and developed his style at 15. In his art, he tries to create relatability by conveying ideas, stories, emotions that his audience can resonate with in the future; he aims to make movies to reach people and inspire them.

Instagram: riy_art

1d97c7f1-2932-4790-adff-be49e6fc1306Zeinab Al Mahoozi

Zeinab finds interest in what happens around us in our everyday lives; when she sees the street or even the cleaners on the road, she thinks about their journey and how they had to leave their families to come and work in this foreign land. She believes that a world without art is like life without meaning. She is a stencil graffiti artist who has displayed her artwork worldwide and works with many layers in her print, in the kingdom, art, and especially street art. Things are starting to change, especially with the improving art scene due to the various grants. She believes this is needed for the younger generation to continue their interest in art.

Instagram: z_mahoozi

dsc_4582Motaz Kattan

When Moatz moved to the United States, he intended to study photography. Still, his elective of ceramics enticed him the most due to his photography professor, who was also a ceramicist. Using the pottery wheel for the first time sparked a passion that became permanent. One of the many reasons he was drawn to this art form was turning raw clay into ceramics which feels like magic to him when something that seems normal suddenly becomes so functional. He aims to popularize pottery by sharing the knowledge he has and would one day want to open a local establishment, like a Saudi Factory or School, using locally sourced material and talents.

Instagram:  mtz.ceramics

dsc_0818Alaa Alaqeel

Alaa started her journey of spirituality in 2012, where she discovered her sense of self, inner peace and the gift of healing through art. She began conducting art healing workshops in 2018, where she would lead participants by healing their inner child, discovering their current self, and achieving their future self. Her art resonates with the mind, spirit, and body and, through this, she finds inner peace.

Instagram:  alaaoq

%d8%b5%d9%88%d8%b1%d8%a98Hmoud Al Attawi

Hmoud Al Attawi works as an art instructor who constantly teaches and directs his creative activity. Al Attawi is intrigued by the translation of narration between traditional and modern media, through which he traces social, cultural, and personal memory. He continues his anthropological investigation into culture, region, and nation and the blending of new realities. His art and philosophy thrive on posing questions about human behavior and space in various contexts and interests.

Instagram:  hmoudalattawi

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