Embracing Saudi Artistry At Marriott DQ

Collaborating with Hewar Gallery, Marriott champions Saudi creativity.

Throughout the world, Marriott has been a patron of the arts among 5-star hotels, celebrating the masterpieces and heritage unique to its every address and cultural host.

The newest addition to the Marriott collection is nestled at the heart of the Diplomatic Quarters, one of the most sought-after districts in Riyadh. Its strategic location is near key embassies and government institutions.

Inspired by the scenic and fertile Wadi Hanifa, the low-rise hotel resembles the smooth, dry canyon terrain of the valley. Once you step inside, the waterways guide your way, ushering guests through the arrival court and into the palm dotted oasis at its center. Seeking to provide guests with an exceptional experience and introduction to the local culture while championing the creativity of Saudi talents, Marriott Riyadh has collaborated with Hewar Art Gallery to showcase local art on its property walls. Utilizing their breadth of experience in art consultancy and curation, the gallery has commissioned Saudi artists to create bespoke pieces for the hotel. image-10-copy

Marriott DQ is a premium and trusted extended-stay experience, in the heart of Riyadh’s Diplomatic Quarter. Strategically located, our luxury apartments are within easy reach to the city’s many embassies and corporate head offices and only a 30min drive from Riyadh’s King Khaled International Airport. Our 140 five-star serviced apartments are tastefully furnished and feature fully equipped kitchens with modern appliances. Sophisticated style and tailored services provide an ambiance where you can connect, accomplish and explore. Co-located under one roof with the Riyadh Marriott Hotel Diplomatic Quarter you can take advantage of a variety of amenities, such as unique restaurants and lounges, a state-of-the-art fitness center and flexible event space. Leading with innovative design and inspired by the ambiance of Wadi Hanifa, the complex features a protected micro-climate, links existing road and pedestrian city networks and creates an abundant oasis within the buzzing city of Riyadh.image6-copy

Marriott DQ
Gallery Artists

Sameer AlDaham

Sameer is a renowned artist whose contributions are recognized in the art scene for the past 30 years. His abstract artworks beautifully narrate the tales of the Saudi community and the small details of the society, displaying his deep love and affection towards his traditions and heritage.

Mohammed Al Rubat

A prominent name in the Saudi fine arts scene since the mid-90s, his artistic journey is a combination of meditation and experience, and further strengthening his skills with diligent practice and passion.

Ahmed Al Khazmari

Ahmed is one of the important Saudi artists who engraved a distinctive mark in the world of art and ideology, in a way that reflects the depth of his 25 years of artistic experience, making him an icon in the fine art arena. He embodies his historical identity and mimics visual heritage on his paintings, using techniques and brush strokes in a process that only experts can master.

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