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#Eftilha Campaign – Cancer Awareness

#Eftilha Campaign – Cancer Awareness

Eftilha, is a campaign created to support and encourage men and women to sign up and grow a mo or show their support by raising awareness and funds used to improve men’s health.

The campaign started with individual efforts of four founders; Prince/ Mohammed Bin Bander Alkabeer Al Saud, Architect/ Fahad Allwihan Alangari, Mr. Sulaiman Al Subaie and Mr. Abdulrahman Alsadhan. They started by partnering with Saudi Society for Fighting Cancer aiming to spread awareness and raise vital funds while wearing Movember’s hairy ribbon “the moustache” for 30 days.

One of the campaign goals is to help men live happier, healthier, longer lives and to let them be aware of three key areas: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and physical inactivity.

Even though the Eftilha campaign will always be about the moustache, however the campaign’s activities will not be limited to “Movember”, it will also promote and support men’s health from all different aspects, but in a new and creative way. Eftilha will always be committed to improve men’s health and raise funds through different social events.

The campaign was launched on the 20th of November, 2015 in the capital of Saudi Arabia Riyadh, and the second station hit Jeddah on 30th of November, 2015.

Jeddah’s event started welcoming visitors from 17:00 to 22:00 at the Saudi ArtCouncil Gallery at Gold Moor. There was 7 halls in the gallery, that took the visitors in a joyful journey in the event. The first hall was limited to the event’s partners where Destination Jeddah participated with their booth and Bawtaqah Foundation too. The second hall took the visitors in an art space where they can support the campaign by shaving their beards and styling their mustaches. The following hall was left for Dhad store, where they participated by drawing a graffiti paint on the gallery walls, the paint was basically cartoon characters having moustaches!

The fourth hall was arranged to be a rest area where visitors can grab their fresh juices from ”Al khalat” booth and enjoy the environment. The next hall was for ANA MOBDE3 initiative, which acts as a platform for all creative people and encourage them to benefit from their hobbies and talents by transforming them into sale-able products.

The last hall was dedicated for the charity market, where Saudi young entrepreneurs participated with their businesses and supported the Eftilha campaign by donating 10% of their sales to the Saudi Society for Fighting Cancer.

The Eftilha campaign will never stop! thus, to know more about our future stations and events, follow us on twitter:Eftilha  & Instagram: eftilha


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