Earth Hour: Your Voice Has Never Been More Important.

The consumption of fossil fuels at a rapid pace in the last few decades has taken a toll on the environment.Global warming, climate change, deforestation, landfills, air, water and soil pollution, are some of the problems from which our environment is suffering.


You come from Earth and to it you belong. Earth Hour belongs to you. Celebrate your commitment to the planet with your friendsfamilycommunity or at work – in your own way. A simple event can be just turning off all non-essential lights from 8.30 pm – 9:30 pm.

For one hour, focus on your commitment to our planet for the rest of this year. To celebrate, you can have a candle-lit dinner, talk to your neighbors, stargaze, go camping, play board games, have a concert, screen an environmental documentary post the hour, create or join a community event – the possibilities are endless. Have an event idea? Some initiatives that have been done:


  • Uganda: The planting of half a million trees in order to protest the deforestation of ecosystems across the globe.


  • Russia: Pushing a bill through congress with over 120,000 signatures, which focuses in on protecting the country’s seas from oil pollution.


  • Argentina: 3.4 million hectares of sea is being protected, raising the percentage of sea protection from 1 percent to 4 percent – a huge leap for the country.

In 2010, Jeddah joined the list of countries that participate in this annual event.

“The Jeddah Municipality will join the cities of the globe on Saturday in the universal event, Earth Hour, where people of the Earth will unite to protect the planet by switching off the lights for a whole 60 minutes.”  — Arab News

As the world stands at a climate crossroads, it is powerful yet humbling to think that our actions today will decide what tomorrow will look like for generations to come.

To do your part, join us in shining a light on climate action by donating your social power.

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