Dr. Abdul Hakeem Jomah


– Founder of Jomah Fitness – CPT, CES and PES from National Academy of Sports Medicine in LA, California.
– Specialized in nutrition, women’s fitness and MMA conditioning.

What are the main misconceptions people have about nutrition and health? 

There are three primary misconceptions regarding nutrition and fitness:
A- It’s an overnight process: People are quick to dismiss fitness and health programs on average if they fail to show results within a week.
B- Starvation and fad diets are the way to go: Amongst my clients I’ve heard a million and one fantastic diets they’ve adopted to lose weight that are absolutely ludicrous.
C- Carbohydrates and fats are the enemy: We hear this one, A LOT. But I’ll tell you: Every diet I’ve ever prescribed for a client has one thing in common. And that is that carbohydrates make up the majority of that diet.

What are macronutrients?
Your body relies on three main elements for energy and growth called macronutrients. They’re carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Always remember: Too much of ANY macronutrient is bad. If you go on a protein only diet, the body takes what it needs to survive, and docks the rest as fat anyway.

What do you think KSA lacks in the nutritional field? 
As a physician, I can tell you the main flaw in our system is the lack of nutritional education. I’ve seen 18 year olds lose limbs over HIGHLY preventable insulin resistant diabetes. I’ve seen heart diseases due to high cholesterol and sedentary lifestyles run rampant in our society. I hope to change that.

How would you respond to people who think medical supplements are a good alternative to proper diets?
Medical supplements are just that, supplements. They’re complimentary, they’re not replacements by ANY means.

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