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Downy Launches its First Fabric Refresher in KSA

Downy Launches its First Fabric Refresher in KSA

The leading brand showcased its latest product, Downy All-in-one Fabric Refresher, at the Abyat furniture store in Jeddah.

Downy, the leading brand in Saudi has recently launched its latest product, the all-in-one Downy Fabric Refresher, in collaboration with furniture retailer, Abyat, in Jeddah. In celebration of the launch, Downy held a three-day event that saw Downy take over three showrooms to create a  bespoke brand experience featuring its three signature scents in each room: Dream Garden (Green), Valley Dew  (Blue), and Floral Breeze (Pink). The event was also graced by key public figures from the region who visited the featured showrooms at the Abyat store to experience the new products themselves.


The new Downy fabric refresher is the first-ever all-in-one solution to refresh fabrics around the house. This innovation was a concept birthed from a relatively untapped area of home care, often resulting in people coming up with their own Do-It-Yourself solutions to refresh hard-to-wash fabrics like cushions, sofas, carpets, and curtains at home. Hence, designed with Saudi consumers in mind, Downy launches the new fabric refresher that promises a  hassle-free and instant solution to freshen your fabric, remove malodor and remove 99.9% of germs all in one go.


The brand journey at the event began with an open invitation to all Abyat shoppers to discover the three featured showrooms with different scent variants. All three rooms provided a unique experience – the blue room, inspired by  Valley Dew (blue scent), featured an Instagrammable bicycle dressed in flowers and a roaming photobooth. Guests were also gifted complimentary Downy tote bags along with a bespoke flower bouquet, reminiscent of the scent.


In the green room, inspired by Dream Garden (green scent), guests participated in an exciting olfactory experiment where Downy fabric refresher successfully proved the power of its malodor removal. The third and final act of the event was the pink room, inspired by Floral Breeze (pink scent), where guests could personalize their tote bags with elegant writing done by a professional calligrapher.

The event wrapped up in a social media success using the hashtags دائم _إنتعاش# #FindTheFreshness, leaving consumers and public figures at ease knowing that their homes are in the reliable hands of yet another Downy essential.

This creative concept was co-designed and executed by Downy Arabia and Influencer Marketing Agency YKONE  Middle East.


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