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Discovering the Exclusive Lamb&Goat Program by INTEROVIC in Saudi Arabia


In a bid to introduce the delectable flavors of European lamb and goat to international markets, the Interprofessional Organization for Sheep and Goat Meat in Spain, known as INTEROVIC, has partnered with the Hungarian Sheep Meat Producers Organization to unveil the Exclusive Lamb&Goat from Europe program. This ambitious three-year promotional campaign, spanning from 2023 to 2025 and co-financed by the European Commission, aligns harmoniously with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030, which aims to diversify the Kingdom’s economy and elevate the quality of its food industry.

The Exclusive Lamb&Goat from Europe program has set its sights on reaching professionals in the agri-food sector across various countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Hong Kong. More importantly, it seeks to resonate with consumers in these target markets who have a penchant for high-quality products and a taste for unique flavors.

The program’s launch was celebrated at a prestigious press event on June 6th at the Madrid Press Association headquarters. Esteemed press representatives from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Spain gathered to witness INTEROVIC’s members elucidate the campaign’s objectives and shed light on the importance of the European sheep and goat sector.

Tomás Rodríguez Serrano, Director of INTEROVIC, kicked off the event by providing insights into the current status of the European sheep and goat sector. He underscored the critical role of European production and exports in the global market, a theme that strongly resonates with Saudi Vision 2030’s call for economic diversification and the promotion of agricultural sectors.

The European Union proudly holds the position of the world’s fourth-largest producer and exporter of sheep and goat meat. With approximately 60 million sheep and 10 million goats on the continent, these numbers translate into remarkable annual export figures of 158 thousand tons, making a significant contribution to the European economy.

Beatriz Casares, the communication manager at INTEROVIC, then outlined the comprehensive promotional campaign planned for the program’s implementation. This includes participation in prominent trade fairs such as Foodex Japan in Tokyo, Gulfood in Dubai, and Saudí HORECA in Riyadh. These endeavors support Saudi Vision 2030’s goal of fostering trade and investment in the Kingdom and enhancing its international culinary offerings.

Raúl Muñiz, President of INTEROVIC, delivered a closing speech that emphasized the pivotal role of the sheep and goat sector in bolstering the European economy. He highlighted the sector’s production methods, renowned for their quality and safety standards, which result in a highly esteemed and globally unique product.

With the Exclusive Lamb&Goat from Europe program, INTEROVIC is poised to tantalize taste buds around the world, promoting not only the deliciousness of European lamb and goat but also the economic potential of this thriving industry.

*Source: AETOSWire

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