Different Cuisine Options in Riyadh

By Kiswah Tariq

Riyadh is home to a large variety of cuisines catered to providing delight and satisfaction amongst customers.

There is a significant amount of new restaurants that contrast one another here in Riyadh, so there is never a night where you won’t be able to find something to eat whether you’re in the mood for Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese, American or even British.

Chinese restaurants 

There are several ways to tackle the Chinese cuisine whether you’re looking for a cosy night in with comforting Chinese takeaway or if you’re looking for night on the town and wish to explore the fancier side of Chinese dining, then Riyadh has the places for you.

The Rice and the Noodle


The Rice and the Noodle incorporates a large variety of Chinese delicates including cashew chicken, kung pao chicken, vegetable rice noodles and many more. It’s the perfect restaurant for takeaway.

Location: As Sulimaniyah


Le Château

Photo Credits: Sameer Bafaqeeh

Photo Credits: Sameer Bafaqeeh

Once in a while its nice to treat yourself to the finer things in life. This includes a Thursday night at one of Riyadh’s most authentic Chinese restaurants. Le Chateau is beautifully styled and catered to providing the most delicious and memorable Chinese dishes. Le Chateau is definitely worth a visit.

Location: Takhassusi St, Al Mohammadiyah




One of Riyadh’s most beloved and well known Chinese restaurants is the Mirage. The Mirage has been noted as one Riyadh’s best Chinese restaurants. Perfect for takeaway or dine in, the Mirage should definitely be listed on your bucket list.


Location: Al Urubah Road, Ar Rahmaniyah

Japanese restaurants

Like Chinese, Japanese dominates Riyadh’s cuisines. One of the most popular style of food, there a many restaurants worth a visit.



Benihana provides excellent service with great food. With all meals prepared before your very eyes, customers can pick and choose what they want in their meals and can even substitute meats and vegetables. If the dish was originally a chicken dish, it can be substituted for shrimp or beef or even pure vegetables.

Location: Northern Ring Branch Road, Al Taawun


Tokyo house


Are you a sushi fanatic? Tokyo house may be the solution for you. Home to over dozens of sushi combinations, Tokyo house is sure to satisfy all your shellfish cravings.

Location: Al Urubah Road, Al Wurud


Middle Eastern restaurants

Mama Noura 


For those who prefer to embark on a more Middle Eastern Lebanese route, Mama Noura is the place for you. Specialising in chicken shawarma, baked goods, hummus and mixed grill, Mama Noura is no doubt one of Riyadh’s top Middle Eastern restaurants.

Location: Prince Fahad ibn Saad Ibn Abdulrahman، As Sulimaniyah


Burj Al Hamam


Burj Al Hamam specialises in all your traditional Arabic delicacies including shawarma, tabouleh, mixed grill and much more. Specialised in dining in, or even takeaway.

Location: Aljawhri, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Burj Al Hamam


American restaurants

Perhaps the most popular cuisine in Riyadh is American as there is a memorable quantity of American restaurants here. Restaurants include, IHOP, Canes, Red Lobster, Buffalo Wild Wings and many more! These chains are becoming increasingly popular and are growing with customers every day.



IHOP grows in popularity each day calling all customers who enjoy a hearty breakfast. With a menu greatly varied, the biggest joy is that they serve pancakes all day long.

Location: Al Olaya, Bustan Centre Riyadh (See map)




Most notable for their fried chicken and Texas toast, Canes is one Riyadh’s newest American chains. Don’t forget to order your side of tasty coleslaw and be sure to order extra Canes sauce, the most memorable thing about Canes!

Location: Hittin, Robeen Plaza (See map)

Red Lobster


If you’re looking to curb your seafood addiction, Red Lobster is the place for you. Home to dozens of seafood dishes, there is never a dull moment in the restaurant. From basic fish platters such as Tilapia or Cod to more exotic choices like Crab and Lobster, you’ll be sure to fill your stomach up with some good seafood.

Location:  Dammam Branch Rd, Qurtubah


Buffalo Wild Wings


Well known in America as the number one restaurant for chicken wings, Riyadh recently built Buffalo Wild Wings in hopes of replicating authenticity and mimicking the westernised atmosphere. With a dozen different flavoured wings, there is bound to be one flavour to your liking.

Location:  King Fahd Branch Rd, As Sahafah


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