One Love to Share at Raising Cane’s

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It’s been more than a week or so since Raising Cane’s opened in Riyadh and we were invited by AlShaya to the newly opened franchise.

Raising Cane’s is an International fast food chain that serves only one main dish: Chicken strips. The deep-fried and battered chicken is accompanied by crinkle-cut fries, coleslaw,  Cane’s Sauce and your choice of beverage. That pretty much covers the chain’s menu.


The chicken strips are remarkably flavorful and delicious.  It’s nice to know that the chicken used is not frozen and that they strive to provide premium fresh quality food.

The breading was crispy and mildly seasoned; these are meant to be dipped.


Texas toast is the best one on their menu and can be quite addicting if you’re a fan of garlic and butter.

Overall, Raising Cane’s menu is all finger food-ish that is served hot and fresh every time. I especially liked the Chicken Fingers, the sauce, and the Texas ToastIt’s fast food at the end of the day but we’ll have to knock off some points for a not so great opening experience. Word of advice, when you invite people to your home, hospitality is a must, your staff needs to know what’s going on. While we don’t have a problem ordering and paying for our food, asking a guest to pay five riyals for a toast (on what is supposed to be a special day), is unnecessarily stingy.

I do like how the menu is simple; no fuss, no muss. The staff is pretty friendly and talkative, despite being uninformed.

Chicken fingers: Awesome, fresh, crispy, moist.

Sauce: Good

Texas Toast I’m a fan of garlicky, buttery, griddled bread so high marks.

Lemonade: Delicious and freshly squeezed. Not to sweet not too sour. Just right.

Cole slaw, check. fine

Fries, yup they work too!

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