Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destinations for the Female Traveler

Destinations for the Female Traveler

Who says you need to travel with men?

Taking a solo trip out into the big bad world can feel daunting to anyone, especially women. But things are changing now, with dedicated tour apps such as Tourlina which allow lone female travelers to connect with each other on the road. Plus, there are a number of blogs for solo women travelers which provide valuable advice and tips. Solo travel can be extremely empowering and cathartic, apart from providing an opportunity to soul search like nothing else. We’d like to contribute by listing those destinations that are safe for women, so you can make a safe choice for your next trip solo!

  1. Iceland

icelandIceland is a splendorous vista of 30-odd active volcanoes that fill the landscape with dramatic spectacles. You can dive into the pristine Lake Þingvallavtn and enjoy swimming between two tectonic plates, bathe under rainbow-arched waterfalls, enjoy dipping into bubbling hot springs and much more. Whale watching is another sport here, as is waiting for the Northern Lights to break out in the sky, turning the heavens into a spectacular play of lights.

  1. Sweden

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Sweden ranks as one of the top 10 of the happiest countries in the world, with Denmark topping the list. Sweden is crime free and is safe for a woman to travel. Explore the lovely cobblestoned streets of the Old Town district in Stockholm and get your camera out to snap some pictures. Admire the multi-hued baroque buildings and discover hidden teahouses. Explore the Royal Palace and enjoy the absolutely no-hassle sort of life that people live in Sweden.

  1. Denmark

denmark-2112285_1280Denmark, crowned as the happiest country in the world boasts low crime rates and an ease and cosines of life that’ll make you comfy in no time at all. At Copenhagen, bike across the Nyhavn canal and enjoy the vista of multi-hued homes that line the vibrant harbour. Pay a visit to the fountain of the goddess Gefjun and admire the carved figures that speak of Denmark’s creation by the Norse gods. Denmark is a paradise for female travelers with its vibrant nightlife, shopping, architecture, landscape, and much more.

  1. Mexico

mexicoMexico makes for a rich cultural experience with its incredible handicrafts, language, fashion and food. The crime rate is not low, but take your precautions. Check out CasaSandra on Isla Holbox, where time stopped during the 1950s. Cabo San Lucas has a number of hostels and hotels, so very easy on the budget, it’s hard for a gal to say no.  San Miguel de Allende has recently been voted the best city in the world. It’s located about 150 miles from Mexico City, and is a mecca for art, architecture and history lovers.

  1. Dubai

dubai-2057583_1280Dubai is the ultimate safe city for the solo women traveler. This is one city where you can roam about freely, as long as you follow the regulations. Single women will need someone in Dubai to sponsor their visa, but other than that, it’s all smooth sailing. Dubai’s incredible landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab await the adventurous woman to step on the hot sands of this Middle Eastern gem.

  1. Italy

italyItaly with its incredible mountains, lakes, fresh alpine air and incredible sea is a magnet for solo women travelers. Enjoy the incredible art and architecture of Florence and Naples; admire the amazing vineyards of Sicily and the fabulous historical landmarks of Rome. Italy has every modern convenience you can think of; it’s a modern country which appreciates adventurous women, which means half the battle is won.

  1. New Zealand

new-zealandNew Zealand is blessed with immensely beautiful Landscape (Have you watched The Lord of the Rings?). If you’re into adventure sports, head to Queenstown, located on the glittering shores of Lake Wakatipu. You can go bungee jumping, to snowboarding to jetboating and much more here. Take your time to explore New Zealand’s many wonderful landscapes and opportunity for adventure.

  1. Hong Kong

hong-kong-2612017_1280Hong Kong is a melting pot of multiple cultures; a true blue World City. The city bustles with activity, night and day. It’s eminently safe for a lone female traveler to see the sights and experience everything Hong Kong offers, from the vibrant nightlife to free morning Tai-Chi classes. Hong Kong is such a popular destination that you’re bound to meet other women travelers on your journey.

  1. Canada

canadaWhether you’re visiting Montreal or Ottawa or Calgary, you’ll find Canadians a very friendly lot. Canada’s low crime rates are another plus when it comes to solo traveling to this country. Canada hosts more than 100 vibrant festivals and there are more than 250 theatre and dance companies as well. Coveted festivals are the Winter Carnival and the international Jazz festival.

  1. Australia

australiaAustralia is a popular spot for solo travelers, both male and female. Melbourne tops the list of the Most Livable City in the world. Sydney is magnificence itself, with incredible architecture and vibrant nightlife. Explore the Blue Mountains, Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay, Noosa, Whitsundays, the Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island and Daintree National Park while in Australia.

  1. Cambodia

cambodiaCambodia is rich in culture, with incredible temples, notable of which is Angkor Wat. When you’re visiting Cambodia, try and make it a triangle trip of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. You’ll be thrilled with the rich rice fields, the laid-back farming culture, the lovely temples and the friendly and hospitable people. Cambodia enjoys a low crime level and is eminently suitable for a solo female traveler to explore.

  1. Spain

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Spain with its incredible culture, art, and architecture is a beacon for travelers; with only the need to slap on some sunscreen and lodge a nice straw hat on their heads. Simple as that. Did you know that Spain has the highest density of Michelin star chefs per percentage of residents? Explore the friendly and incredible beautiful Basque country and don’t forget a trip to the Guggenheim museum there. Also don’t forget a trip to the lovely Barcelona, explore Madrid’s museums do try the paella and some of the other exotic foods.

  1. Amsterdam

amsterdam-2034243_1280Amsterdam is for the love-to-live-the-free-life kind. One of the most culturally diverse and culturally tolerant cities in the world, Amsterdam offers a unique heritage, incredible architecture, history, plenty of entertainment and natural beauty. Check out the 13th century Dam Square, and the Anne Frank house to pay homage to the brave girl who died in Hitler’s concentration camp, leaving an evocative diary behind. Don’t forget to take a cruise down Amsterdam’s canals, admiring the lawns and the homes and buildings that line the canals.

  1. Norway

norwayYou’ll find plenty of green spaces, museums, and art exhibits such as the famous Viking Ship Museum (where an incredible range of 9th century Viking ships have been preserved) in the capital Oslo. Bergen, second-largest city in Norway is an urban sprawl with a great nightlife. It is one of the loveliest cities in Europe. Don’t miss a visit to the waterfront district of the old wharf: Bryggen, which is colourful and vibrant even today.

  1. The United States

statue-of-liberty-267948_1280Crime rate is definitely not low in the US but if you stick to safety rules, you can enjoy a wonderful solo trip to this country and back. Be sure to visit New York and enjoy its iconic skyscrapers and vibrant nightlife. Don’t miss a visit to the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls and all other fabulous landmarks you’ll find along the length and breadth of this nation. Explore the South’s foodie traditions and enjoy some live jazz at the Latin Quarter of New Orleans.


Crime rates vary in different places in the world. Where it’s tolerably low, you can travel solo and return without a hitch. Where the crime rate is reportedly higher, especially against women, our advice is to band together with other women so as to keep safe. Don’t hit any nightlife spot alone in crowded places like New York City.


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