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Decorate Your House This Ramadan


By Sahrish Ali

Ramadan is like a dear friend visiting that has us setting up the place and decking our homes with welcoming vibes.

It’s time for us to reflect, replenish and revive what is in our hearts. Get in the holiday spirit by decorating your home for Ramadan. Decorate in moderation and not extravagance – it is recommended and encouraged that we reuse, re-purpose, and recycle household items as a family activity to make decorations.

Use banners to adorn your front door. During the last 10 days, switch out your Ramadan decorations for Eid decorations as the anticipation for Eid starts to build.

Reuse old papers and magazines to make origami decorations. This would keep your children busy as well.

Moons and Stars

Cut or stamp out stars out of old magazines and papers. String them together to create garlands or backdrops.
Where to: Sab’een Street is a wholesale stationery supplies haven.

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Bring on the Lights

Something about lights brings about a festive atmosphere. Large lanterns look great placed on the floor. Small lanterns can be placed around the table during meal times and also some candles for ambiance. Reuse old mason jars and turn them into candleholders. You can also create origami modular lanterns and string them outside your windows or door.
Where to: You can get fairy and string lights from Hindawiya or Balad. Ikea also sells lights that can be shaped into any shape you like.

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Create a Ramadan Display

Choose an existing table in your home such as a console table near your front entry and create a fun Ramadan display. This display can feature all your decorations, such as decorative prints, string lights, countdown posters and treat jars.
Where to: Souk Al Shate’ is home to myriad decorative supplies. Fanoos Craft Store houses every craft article you can think of.

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Get the Children Involved

Children can decorate their own special placemats to be used at iftar time all month long. Also, help them make their own decorations such as garlands and artwork to hang around the house.
Where to: Ikea and Rawae Al Maktabat have a lot of craft supplies.

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Countdown to Eid

Get the family excited about Eid by keeping track of the days leading up to it with a countdown calendar or activity. You can also wrap up your Eid presents early in pretty papers and put them on display during the last 10 days of Ramadan to build excitement.

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Whatever you do, decorating and celebrating as a family helps deepen your appreciation for this special month and creates a festive atmosphere the whole family can enjoy.

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