Decadent Dreams, Deliberate Designs

A-Interiors successful launch in the Kingdom’s capital.

Born with an eclectic eye for design and an intrinsic hippie attitude towards energy and love, Anoud Khalid Mishaal creates inspired interiors that reflect her unique yet universal sense of style. “I have an affinity for collecting beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces that can’t be found in the local market,” states the designer and founder of A Interiors, going on to mention, “my designs are a representation of an individual’s character, taste, preference and lifestyle and I find joy in creating living spaces for my clients that embody their traits and personalities.”

Applying a clean, minimalist design aesthetic, Mishaal brings considerable expertise to her trade, having obtained both a bachelors in interior design and an MBA, which allowed her to gain the requisite skills to successfully launch her own company, focused on designing lifestyles.361A5459

Fusing together her fondness for global travel, avid art collection and adventurist spirit, Mishaal designed and launched a stunning showroom that boasts one-of-a-kind items the designer hand picked during her worldly expeditions, and that the designer openly admits to have an “attachment and fondness” for. “Every piece of furniture holds a special memory for me, be it a vintage flea market in New York where I was fortunate to find intricately woven throw cushions, to a remote Greek island, where I serendipitously met bespoke furniture designers Karageorgiou, who’s hand crafted pieces can be found throughout my showroom.”

Unlike other interior showrooms, A Interiors is located in a villa in the heart of Riyadh, which allows the designer to play with the space. “When you purchase exclusive items like the ones we have available, I believe it is important to see the pieces in a home environment to get a realistic and accurate picture of what the furniture will look like,” notes Mishaal.Cut-Out

The official launch of the showroom is set for September 24 and will be by appointment only, to ensure that each client and visitor gains the full A Interiors experience. “Understanding the tastes and preferences of my clients makes it easier to know which items they are more likely to be drawn to, and also how certain pieces can be better customized to their preferences,” states the designer. “Again it reinforces our philosophy of designing lifestyles and not just spaces – every piece should be beautiful, but should also have a purpose and tell a story.”


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