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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Cycling the Streets of Jubail

Cycling the Streets of Jubail

By Sultan Al Sughair

Tap into your inner Wadjda and ride a bike!

Did you know that Jubail has its own cycling club? A volunteer group established it back in 2002 for the pure love of cycling and with a simple mission to promote it to everyone. The Jubail Cycling Club (JCC) currently has more than 50 members of all nationalities and they meet every week for group bicycle rides.

We had a quick chat with Normal Vidal, JCC Activities and Events Coordinator, about this active group.

Who is the target audience for JCC?

JCC welcomes any and all cyclists above the age of 18, regardless of their level of experience.

What are some of the activities and services you do in JCC?

We like to do weekly club rides and annual races. We also enjoy providing community support services annually on Earth Day where we get people together to clean up the trash at Jubail Beach.

In fact, we loved it so much that we are planning to do such cleanups quarterly throughout the Jubail area.


Is the JCC sponsored commercially?

We tried it in the past, but now we have a monthly financial contribution system through which the members sustain the club and its needs. It helps cover our costs with bike repair tools, expenses while visiting locations for cycling events and even offering support to members during emergencies.

Do you offer coached training sessions?

We’re still a small operation and the majority of our members already have a lot of years of experience in bike riding, so we don’t offer coached training at this time. Our main focus right now is campaigning and promoting the joy of cycling freely and safely on the roads of Saudi Arabia.

Facebook: Jubail Cycling Club


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