Cost Manage Your Travels

Revise your travel shopping behaviors to make room for more pocket money.


  • Plan your search well in advance (generally 30 – 45 days earlier). Check for fares on a frequent basis for cost comparisons and promotions. The same applies for hotel bookings.

  • Do not depend on airline and hotel websites only. Use common travel search engines, they could yield better offers.

  • Consider different dates. Avoid weekends if possible; one day before or after saves you a good sum.

  • For flights of six hours or less, aim for economy or premium. Flying on higher classes is not essential provided you are young and healthy.

  • To add up to your cost efficiency, consider dropping the idea of a five star hotel. Filter your search to affordable boutique hotels with high cleanliness standards.

  • “Flexible Booking” option will always have an added cost, but I recommend you go for it and pay extra, since there is always a risk of losing your money due to sudden change in plans.

  • Manage your transit. Try to save by alternating between regional airlines or low cost airlines for your connecting flight.

  • If you are not registered in any airline mileage program, it’s about time you do. Reaching high points will give you access to first class lounge regardless where your seat on the plane is.

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