Cool Inc Announces the Holding’s First Vertical, Destination Dining & Members’ Clubs

Introducing a wave of over 20 innovative globally acclaimed culinary hotspots to the heart of Saudi Arabia.

Cool Inc, the lifestyle game changer curating a unique version of what’s Cool in Saudi Arabia, officially unveils the first phase of its mission aimed at enriching the Kingdom’s cultural, creative, and leisure lifestyle experiences. Selecting the best in the world of F&B, the holding is set to introduce over 20 globally acclaimed culinary concepts officially debuting in 2023. Set in Saudi Arabia’s most vibrant cities, Riyadh and Jeddah, Cool Inc brings a wide array of concepts including studded Michelin-starred celebrity hotspots, as well as street-style dining destinations loved by tastemakers from around the globe.

The announcement of Cool Inc’s Destination Dining & Member’s Clubs vertical is set to inject innovative hospitality into the culinary scene of the Kingdom connecting global industry experts with the visionaries and curators of tomorrow. Hand-selected anchor brands to form one of the many elements of the diverse portfolio of gastronomical spots to open including Spago by Wolfgang Puck, Cut by Wolfgang Puck, Scott’s, Sexy Fish, WAGYUMAFIA, Gymkhana, and Madeo.image-2

Cool Inc’s mission is driven by original thinkers possessing an unwavering desire to exceed guests’ expectations, inviting them to discover a plethora of unique experiences curated for the Kingdom. Cool Inc’s diverse and hand-selected offerings guarantee an option for every taste and requirement, adding a personalized elevation for every occasion from fine dining, and upscale culinary venues, to more casual dining experiences.

Motivated by unmatched quality, the leadership of Cool Inc garners and builds solid partnerships with global tastemakers, acclaimed brands, and the masterminds creating them to bring new experiences to Saudi Arabia. Sinan Al Saady, Founder & Group CEO of Cool Inc expresses his thoughts on the launch of Cool Inc’s first vertical. ‘’In the pre-pandemic era, residents of the Kingdom spent roughly $22 billion a year in overseas travel for leisure, recreation, and tourism purposes. Keeping the current international climate and the welfare of Saudis at the forefront, we at Cool Inc believe in the success that these brands will bring by introducing favorite, globally acclaimed restaurants to both residents and visitors. The Launch of Cool Inc coupled with world-renowned F&B brands is set to transport the taste of the world to over 36 million residents across the Kingdom, and further fast-track the country’s status on the map for its innovative gastronomy’’ commented Al Saadyimage-1

‘’The spending on F&B restaurants and services in Saudi Arabia is set to see an increase of 6% per annum in this decade, with the hospitality industry contributing to the GDP of the Kingdom at approximately 10%, which is a substantial indicator of the significance and demand by residents and visitors for unique dining experiences. We believe in the success of these globally accredited brands that we are set to introduce, and in the fact that they will support the shift of the economy and lifestyle of the Kingdom’’– commented Olivier Flamant, CEO of the Destination Dining & Members’ Clubs vertical at Cool Inc. ‘’With the launch of our first vertical, we are setting the tone for what Cool Inc will bring to the Kingdom. This is just the beginning of Cool Inc’s journey of bringing cool to the Kingdom’’, he added.

In their partnership with Cool Inc, various partners express confidence in the leadership of the holding group.image-4-sinan-al-saady

 “A perfect fit for Riyadh’s discerning diners, Sexy Fish will be one of the most exciting, premium culinary spots to ever land in Saudi. We’re delighted to be partnering with Cool Inc and expanding our relationship through them, to the Saudi market.”, commented Richard Caring, British businessman, restaurateur, and the brain behind the Richard Caring Group.

Chef and owner Hisato Hamada of WAGYUMAFIA, known for his varied portfolio of experiences, comments on his partnership with Cool Inc; “At WAGYUMAFIA, we pride ourselves on fostering a community of like-minded individuals who share the same passion for exploring unique, high quality, ingredient-driven culinary experiences. After our first successful experience in the Kingdom dating back to 2019, It is an honor to partner with Cool Inc, establish ourselves once again, and instill our belief within Saudi hospitality- that a memorable meal is a result of good food and good company.” 

As part of its journey, Cool Inc will be operating across integrated sectors forming an ecosystem of destination dining & members’ clubs, bespoke travel, luxury lodging, and adventure experiences as its key verticals.

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