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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Community Activities To Share the Blessings of Ramadan

Community Activities To Share the Blessings of Ramadan

Ramadan is not just a month of fasting; it’s a month of generosity and giving back to the community. By organizing simple activities and projects you can develop a closer community and be more charitable at the same time.

Here are some activities you can get started on.

1.  Iftar Packages

Get together with your friends to pack basic iftar meals for the homeless and poor. Each pack can have a few dates, a bottle of laban and water, a pack of biscuits, apple, banana, and a sandwich or croissant. You can add a handkerchief or tissues too. By working together you’ll develop your relationships and participate in charity as well. Low on funds? Get donations.iftar

2. Pre-Iftar Halaqa

Invite your friends, neighbors and family to a pre-iftar halaqa. Discuss the virtues of fasting or the tafsir of a surah before sitting together to break the fast. Together you can improve your knowledge and share the blessings of Ramadan.

3. Send iftar to your neighbors

One of the best ways to build a better community is to get in touch with your neighbors. Prepare lots of iftar and send platters to your neighbors. It will develop your relationship and earn you lots of rewards.

4.  Look after your neighborhood mosque

Gather your friends to personally clean up the neighborhood mosque. You can rearrange the Qur’an shelves, straighten up and vacuum the carpets, sweep the floor, and prepare bukhoor to ventilate and beautify the air. What you can do depends on what your mosque needs; so don’t hesitate to contact the caretaker or

5. Invite new Muslims to iftar.

This will be a great way for you to offer your support and to help them adapt to the new lifestyle. You can help them understand Islam better and clear away any doubts they may have.

6. Help around the house.

Take away some of the worries from your mother and sister so they can have some time to read the Qur’an. Remember that it’s better to simplify Ramadan rather than demand exquisite feasts.dishes

7. Visit an orphanage or old people’s home with food and gifts.

Prepare food or assemble food packages for the orphans/elderly and give them Ramadan gifts. Break your fast with them, engage in conversation and look for ways that you can make their lives easier.

8. Organize a children’s party.

Invite the children in your neighborhood for a fun and education evening. Talk to them about the benefits of fasting, the importance of prayer and break your fast with them. You can also have Islamic quizzes and arrange a play or Islamic storytelling activity. Give them Ramadan presents like toys, books, and stationary items that they can enjoy.

9. Make Itikaaf possible.

Give back to your parents by collecting funds from siblings to arrange an itikaaf in Makkah or Medina. Book hotels, transport and surprise them with this wonderful gift. Too expensive? Make their room comfortable and share all the responsibilities to let them have the time to worship.


10.  Donate clothes.

Collect clothes for donation, make sure they’re clean and properly folded. Distribute to the homeless and the needy.


11.  Serve the worshippers.

Prepare food packages and drive to Makkah with your friends or family. Offer the packages to worshippers who have come from all over the world. Make this activity even better by listening to an Islamic lecture on the way.iftar-haram

Have better ideas?! We’d love your suggestions in the comments below.


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