Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

The City in the Clouds

The City in the Clouds

Saudi Arabia’s unofficial summer capital is a sight to behold.



Local flight:
Saudia, Flydeal, FlyNas

Flight duration:
Riyadh – Taif (1.5 hours)
Jeddah – Taif (30 minutes)

By Car:
Jeddah – Taif (2 hours)
Riyadh – Taif (8 hours)

By Bus:
Buses are available but will take longer.

Daka Mountain is between 2,500 and 2,900m above sea level.

Known as the city of Roses, Taif promises cool weather amidst the summer, charming nature, and an authentic cultural experience.

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1. Al Rudat Park

Spend a day at Al Rudat Park, a large natural park in the south of Taif, where trees stand amidst magnificent weathered granite rocks. The park is a perfect spot for families as it has a small zoo and playgrounds. You’ll also find a large lake that covers an area of 13,000m2 with fountains and 750 water cannons. Enjoy a variety “of restaurants, food stalls, and small coffee shops. Outside, you can enjoy camels and horses rides as well as quad bike rides.

Photo by @rameezmanama
Photo by @rameezmanama

2. Visit a Rose Plantation

Whether you’re in Taif during the rose festival or not, the rose plantation is not to be missed. The fields of small fragrant pink Damask roses are known for their deep and intense fragrance, are usually picked at dawn then distilled to be used to produce the best rose water and rose oil. These are then used in the production of exquisite perfumes made by the likes of G1venchy, Estee Lauder, Valentino, and Guerlain.ghadeer-attallah-taif-copy

3. Drive and Hike to the Al Wahba Crater

A remarkable natural volcanic crater and a great hiking spot to enjoy nature in its true essence. While there’s much speculation regarding the origins of the crater, geologists agree that it came from an eruption that caused groundwater to come into contact with hot lava. Being a good 250km away from Taif, this destination will be a memorable road trip. Take a journey in the daylight and enjoy the hike around the top to see all the unique rock formations. It takes around an hour to get to the bottom of the crater, as it’s 250m deep.

Photo by
Photo by

4. Explore Al Shala

This small village in the Sarawat mountains is a perfect site for nature lovers, with its cool temperature and rich cultural heritage. Farms and orchards make it a beautiful area to explore. It also hosts the Daka mountain, which is the highest mountain in the region and the second in the kingdom, offering a stunning view over the local mountain range amongst the clouds.

Location: 25km southwest of Taif
Coordinates: 21° 6’ 0”N, 40° 17’ 0” E

Sourced Photo
Sourced Photo

5. Ride the Cable Car

A recommended attraction for the whole family, with captivating scenery surrounding you. You start the ride within the Hada Resort and end at the Atkar theme park. This cable car is considered the longest in the Middle East You can take lodging at Hada Resort high on the tip of Al Hada mountain and enjoy the several restaurants and cafe options plus small shops.

Photo by

6. Visit Shubra Palace

The regional museum of Taif occupies a beautiful building that was built in 1905 the palace is an excellent example of old Taif architecture with an attractive exterior of latticework windows and balconies, the museum with its Carrara marble hosts a brief exhibit of the Saudi royal history.

Location: Shubra Street, Shubra, Taif 26522
Tel: +966-503715949

Sourced Photo
Sourced Photo

King Abdul Aziz and King Faisal used to stay in Shubra palace while visiting Taif.

7. A bargain at the Taif Old Souq

Tastefully renovated with beautiful little squares and a dancing fountain in the historic center of Taif-this is a great place to buy traditional local products such as Bedouin jewelry, handicrafts, and carpets as well as local honey and rose water.

Sourced Photo
Sourced Photo

Shopkeepers are honest and friendly yet we highly recommend bargaining!

8. Take a Hike

Taif offers a variety of hiking experiences while enjoying nature and landscapes especially in Al Shalfa and Al Hada mountains.

Photo by @rameezmanama
Photo by @rameezmanama

Taif Hiking Group
Tel: +966 596940442

Hiking Taif group offer excursions and hiking guide for all skill levels.


1. Kaki Palace

Built-in 1943 in Roman and Ottoman styles, the palace is among Taif’s finest buildings, containing 40 rooms, 6 kitchens, and a Turkish bath.

Sourced Photo
Sourced Photo

2. The Nature Reserve

At the top of Al Hada mountain, this is a tranquil spot to catch the sunset.

Sourced Photo
Sourced Photo

3. Turkish Fort

The fort is located near Taifs infamous ancient rock carvings. Legend has it that Lawrence of Arabia fought here in 1917.

4. Camel Race Track

Visit the Camel arena and you might get lucky to catch a race or just get to see the finest camels in Saudi Arabia and the world.

Photo by Abdullah Mahi
Photo by Abdullah Mahi

5. Souq Okada

An open-air market, near Taif in Saudi Arabia. It was the largest and best-known souq in pre-Islamic times. Today it is one of the most popular tourist destination Saudi.

Sourced Photo
Sourced Photo

6. Al Ta’sheer (Fire Dance)

You will be lucky to witness this unique local dance which is performed by a highly skilled performer(s) with along gun filled with blank ammunition aimed to the ground and fired midair as they jump.

Sourced Photo
Sourced Photo

7. Jabra Palace

Also known as Abdullah Al Suleiman Palace is a must-visit historic site, built over 1326 years ago and located in northeast Taif.

Sourced Photo
Sourced Photo


Sourced Photo
Sourced Photo


Sourced Photo
Sourced Photo

Street food and tea stalls with fresh mint tea or Arabic coffee at Taif Old Souq.


InterContinental Taif Hotel
Location: Airport Rd. Hawiyah St.
Tel: +966-12-7505050

Awaliv International Hotel
Location: Shobra, Abu Baker As Siddiq St.
Tel: +966-12-7375555

Iridium Hotel
Location: Ashuhada Al Janubiwah.Wadi Waj Rd.
Tel: +966-12-73386666

Ramada by Wyndham Al Hada
Location: AlHada. Teleferique Station Ring Rd.
Tel: +966-12-7545558

Le Meridien Al Hada
Location: Al Hada Ring Rd.
Tel: +966-12-7541400

Bhadur Al Kaela Hotel
Location: Al Hada Ring Rd.
Tel: +966-12-7544440

Casablanca Hotel Taif
Location: King Saud St next toSaudi Telecom
Tel: +966-12-7370081

OYO Hotels Taif

Al Barraq Hotel
Location: Salamah Dist. Shehara St.
Tel: +966-12-7360610

Remaj Hotel
Location: wadi Waj Rd.
Tel: 920020069


Ahmad Fahad Aljuaed
Tel: +966-504265634

Abdulrahman Aldgelbi
Tel: +966-590050540

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