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Charting AlUla’s Transformation: The Path to Prosperity Masterplan

AlUla Masterplan to Prosperity

The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) is charting an ambitious path towards a sustainable and prosperous future for AlUla. RCU has revealed its masterplan, named “Path to Prosperity,” for the core urban area spanning Central and South AlUla.

This comprehensive transformation aims to breathe new life into the region, enhancing the quality of life for residents, visitors, and businesses alike. At its core, the masterplan seeks to establish crucial infrastructure, facilities, and services that will be the backbone of AlUla. One of the primary goals of this transformation is to define the city centers, with a vibrant ambience for both locals and tourists. By promoting a high-quality public realm, the plan aims to provide spaces that foster a sense of community and connectivity.

An essential aspect of the “Path to Prosperity” masterplan is its commitment to preserving and integrating with AlUla’s wadis, the region’s distinctive valleys. This showcases RCU’s dedication to conservation.

A significant outcome of this initiative will be the expansion of land usage for housing, fostering economic opportunities in AlUla Central and South. By diversifying the economy, this masterplan aligns seamlessly with Vision 2030 and the Saudi Green Initiative, both of which prioritize sustainable development

Eng. Sultan AlKhuraissi, the RCU Chief of County Operation, expressed: “AlUla is entering a new phase of its comprehensive regeneration, boosting prosperity and enhancing quality of life for our community. The Path to Prosperity masterplan will transform AlUla’s urban core and enable community development with new economic opportunities and businesses, and new healthcare services, schools, and parks.”

The “Path to Prosperity” masterplan underscores the commitment to conserving the cultural and natural heritage that makes AlUla globally significant. It proves cultural and economic growth.

Highlights of this visionary masterplan include:

  • Expanding land usage for housing to bolster the economy and improve mobility
  • Promoting community health and well-being by expanding public spaces
  • Safeguarding and celebrating the rich culture and heritage of the AlUla community

As part of the masterplan, AlUla South will emerge as the new regional capital, holding a mix of businesses, retail, offices, restaurants, and entertainment, named the Entertainment, Retail, and Business Area. 

To ensure that every member of the AlUla community can engage with this transformative journey, RCU will open a Path to Prosperity exhibition center. 

Updated information about the masterplan can be found on the RCU website 

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