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Celebrating Cristiano Ronaldo in Mrsool Park

Tonight, we witnessed a remarkable occurrence as we saluted the legend, Cristiano Ronaldo to his new home with Al Nassr.

Mrsool Park hosted the unveiling event that marked a milestone to Al Nassr FC and Cristiano Ronaldo’s career. As soon as he arrived, we saw him enter the stadium with excitement and thrills on his face.

Ronaldo made his way into the press conference as we all greeted him with excitement; welcoming him to our Saudi. During the conference, Ronaldo mentioned his gratitude as he joins his skills with the football club and expressed his happiness to joining this club.

“I was offered offers in Brazil, Australia, and Portugal, but I did not accept the offers, I accepted this one” said Ronaldo as he continued by saying that he decided on joining Al Nassr to help the country achieve more, the girls football careers, as well as be an influence on the young generation.

After the conference, Ronaldo was greeted and welcomed by his new team members as he headed to the room that was filled with Al Nassr’s remarkable players.

We also got to see Cristiano head to the football field in his Al Nassr uniform to say hello to the crowd; all the football and Ronaldo lovers. He waved to the crowd with excitement, took a picture with the coming boys and girls football generation, signed soccer for the crowd, introduced us to his family, and assured us that he is here and here to stay!

So let us all welcome Cristiano Ronaldo to Al Nassr Football Club and to Saudi Arabia.

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