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Cat at Destination Jeddah


Illustrators unite for Destination and give us the know how to their cartooning world. Meet Majda Addas, Haya Baksh, Mahmoud Zaini and Sarah Taibah and their doodles.



Majda Addas

On Self
I’m currently in my final senior semester as a Motion Graphic student at Dar Al Hekma University. I’m also a big sister. Art doesn’t chain me down or have limitations; it lets me be.

I grew up watching Disney, Cartoon Network and shows like Gummi Bears and Captain Majid. Those characters used to inspire me as a child. It wasn’t until I enrolled at Dar Al Fikr in 9th grade, that I started taking drawing seriously and working on myself.

Children inspire me the most, as well as Disney and Pixar’s characters, environments and color choices. One of my favorite artists is Danny Beck.

First step: Inspiration. Then I sketch, shade and create the character. If I want to, I then digitize it. I use a pencil, sketchbook, Cintique or an Intouse; those are Wacom tablets and a computer or a laptop. Sometimes, I also like to color traditionally with markers or watercolors.

  • Message for Aspiring Illustrators
  • Always carry a pencil and sketchbook.
  • Art blocks happen, don’t ever stop observing.
  • Have faith and ask for help when needed.

Future Plans
I’d love to be the creator of a character a child loves.

Creativity to Me
A spark, in your mind and soul! It’s that sudden urge to make and create, those late nights when you get an idea and have to make it happen now. So going through with your idea and making it come to life is the soul of creativity.

Instagram: majda_creates

Haya Bakhasahb

On Self
A 21-year-old illustrator and senior graphic design student at Dar Al Hekma.

I’ve been drawing from a very early age. I used to doodle on everything, from pencil cases to the back of exam papers. By high school, I started keeping sketchbooks and drawing things that inspired me.

People. What they do, how they interact with one another and their environment. I often find inspiration in old photographs and looking out the car window every once in a while. Of course deadlines are also a big motivator.

I start with a sketch of the initial idea and then I find or take a picture for reference. I draw the outlines for everything then paint it in with watercolors or gouache. Finally, I scan and edit or enhance the image digitally if needed. My work involves a lot of mixed media from badly developed film photos, to traditional watercolors or basic ballpoint pens.

Message to Aspiring Illustrators

  • Practice: The more you draw the better you get.
  • Improvise: Work with what you have available.

Future Plans
I’d like to gain stronger technical skills.

Creativity is getting a reaction from someone when they see your work. That’s when you know you’ve really achieved something new or different.

Instagram: hayabaks


Mahmoud Zaini

On Self
Born in Makkah, raised in Jeddah, now studying in San Francisco. Instead of playing outside, I preferred, when alone, or with my relatives, to draw comics, imagine funny characters and create wondrous environments.

I believe I started drawing non-stop from the age of 5. As I grew up, my father never stopped supporting this passion of mine. I still have boxes full of old drawings and I just continued working and practicing ever since.

If it’s not random doodling then it’s precise structural planning. It’s all about abstracting realistic forms into their most basic shapes. Turn the head into a circle, the body into a giant triangle, the arms and legs into cylinders, and just explore all the different shapes your character can morph into. I enjoy the simplicity of using black ink pens or calligraphy pens. When it comes to coloring I mainly use markers, crayons and pastel colors.

One can truly find inspiration by observing the movements and shapes of all the different people and things around. Good poetry and prose are also great sources of inspiration for me, along with stories of great thinkers, spiritual leaders and intellectuals.

Message to Aspiring Illustrators

  • Put in constant hours of practice and study.
  • Explore different styles and themes.

Future Plans
I plan on exploring new techniques and new methods of looking and interpreting creativity.

I think creativity is a gift that God embodied within all of us. It is an element that is unique to the human race. One must use the ability to bring what is abstract into the real world.

Instagram: mahmoudzaini

7Sarah Taibah

On Self
I’m an illustrator and graphic designer. I’m Saudi but I left my heart in San Francisco, where I obtained my master’s of fine art degree in illustration. I am obsessed with illustrating and designing books.

When I discovered that I love writing and coming up with stories, I felt that I wanted to draw the characters I have in mind on paper.

I get into my bubble and I think about the character I’m drawing; what does he like, what’s his favorite color, is he a good person, etc. Mixing mediums gives every project I work on extra flavor. They explain the mood and surreal thoughts, so collage, ink, watercolor, printmaking and digital are my best friends.

Honest people.

Message to Aspiring Illustrators

  • Learn more about environment atmosphere design.
  • Know your target audience and come up with your own style.
  • You should keep in mind how to compose the subject matter in the layout and know where to place typography.
  • Always make sure not to put important visuals in the gutter.

Future Plans
I have already founded Rasma and Kilma Illustration and Design house. It offers illustrations for covers and interiors of adult and children books, editorial illustrations and designs, portrait paintings, cards and stationary.

Reflecting my own perspective differently and turning it to visuals is my definition of creativity.

Instagram: rasma.kilma


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