Bringing Home the Holidays

By Dania Shams

This is for those who think, “I wish my house looked like this,” when abroad.

What you’re really picking up is the vibe of a place. It’s all about creating the correct atmosphere in the space. In my opinion, this all comes down to colors, shapes and smells of a room.

Don’t try and bring home decorative souvenir type artifacts and expect them to recreate the space you experienced. Since we’re all coming back from summer vacations, let’s try to recreate some of the places we visited, right in our homes.

The place I always want to bring home with me is Greece. When I think of Greece, I think scents of the ocean, blues of the sea, soft sand and of course the white washed buildings. It’s always better to start with an empty canvas, a room you want to completely redecorate, but if you cannot, then there are simple changes you can make to transform the space.

Starting point, scent; probably the easiest thing to change. Avoid using clothing perfumes as room spray; the consistency is too heavy and the scents end up glazing the floors and nothing else. Go for candles and room sprays (not air fresheners). For the scent of Greece, I brought home Jo Malone Wood, Sage and Sea Salt candle.bottles

Next, colors, textures and shapes. For that I suggest creating a color palette and sticking to it. In this case, shades of white, blue and a dusting of sandy colors. Keep the textures soft, but like the rocks of the islands contrast with the sand of beaches, add rougher textures. A good place to do that is in the cushions or curtains.Greece_colours

Finally, dimmers dimmers dimmers. I cannot stress this point enough; lighting can change your mood as well as your wellbeing. Having dimmers allows you to experience everything from sunrise to sunset. Also create layers of lights: ceiling lights, spotlights, table and floor lamps, and use accordingly.

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