Breast Cancer Awareness is not Only in October

Strong, beautiful and smooth are just a few of the many feelings women experience using Venus hair removal products.

For many years, Venus has inspired women to maintain empowering everyday routines by providing them with simple and easy ways to feel their best.

Venus believes in wellness, which begins with taking care of your body and mind. It’s about making time to prioritize your health and paving the way towards being the best version of yourself.


Venus joins the movement to Breast Cancer Awareness reduce the fear and social stigma associated with breast cancer by encouraging women to get screened regularly. It’s time to break the ‘it can’t happen to me’ mentality by ensuring women feel comfortable and empowered to participate in regular screenings. Breast cancer is a global concern, accounting for 25% of all cancer cases. Screening regularly for breast cancer enables treatment and care to be provided as early as possible. When detected early, women actually have 95% higher chance of recovery within the first 5 years.


Although October is officially month, it should be a priority all year long. Venus reminds you that every day is a great day to put your health first.

Be a queen and get yourself screened!


Venus is partnering with Saudi German Hospital in Jeddah and Hayat National Hospital in Riyadh to cover 500 uninsured women’s early breast cancer screening  (250 checkups covered in each hospital)*

Terms and conditions apply: service is by appointment and abiding by the hospitals regulations and official doctor consultation. Check-ups can be redeemed from 20th March 2022- June 2022 or until the reach is achieved.

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