Brain Food

Seven foods that may help boost your creativity.


fruit-deliveredFruits aren’t just nature’s candy, they’re also apparently nature’s literal creative juice! Studies suggest according to the researchers of a recent study from Leiden University, tyrosine goes further than keeping our body in top shape; it can also affect our mind. It essentially allows us to think more deeply. Hmm, perhaps Newton took a bite of the apple before he connected it to gravity.

Green Tea

teaIf you need a dose of caffeine to trigger your imagination, switch out coffee for this healthier alternative. The caffeine will keep your mind sharp without the inevitable crash that comes with coffee or energy drinks.


Popcorn-boom-Is-there-room-for-growth-competitionOk, here us out on this. Have you ever wondered why popcorn is mainly associated with movies? Theaters serve this snack because it helps you concentrated and ensure your eyes stay on the screen. Also, it’s pretty hard to talk in theater with a mouth full of popcorn.


20140729-baking-chocolate-vicky-wasik-3Not as if any of us needed another excuse to eat chocolate, it turns out it can help your creativity. The rich, creamy, delicious, sinful – wait, what were we saying? Oh! The rich flavor boosts short term cognitive skills. A University of Nottingham study showed that there is a correlation between chocolate consumption and enhanced brain function because chocolate has been observed to enhance the amount of oxygen which flows to the brain.


oats_2Generally, foods rich with carbs load your body with glucose which helps your brain function better. And since oatmeal is one of the healthiest kinds of cards, grab yourself a bowl and let the fun begin.


walnutThis snack is an office favorite. A roasted bag of these is not only delicious, but also good for improving memory and general brain function, according to a study. Though the study was conducted on rats because our brains are oddly similar, we’re hard-pressed to find someone with an unkind word to say about this nut.


clean-waterQuite a bit of your brain activity hinders on this. If you’re even slightly dehydrated, it impairs its abilities. We hate to get all parent-y on you, but you really should drink more water. Your daily priority should be: 1) Breath and 2) Drink more water! Ok, we’ll stop now.

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