Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Boulevard World Takes The Stage With a Spark

Boulevard World Takes The Stage With a Spark

Boulevard World, the premier entertainment zone, a part of the many exciting events of Riyadh Season, is finally making its much awaited debut on November 2nd. Whether you’re with your friends or family, prep yourselves for days filled with thrill, excitement and nonstop fun. 

With endless events, BLVD World is bringing so much more than you expect. Discover the beauty and cuisines of various different countries, take part in exciting events and revel in multiple interactive and engaging activities. 

To start off the exciting opening, Abdul Majeed Abdullah is scheduled to grace the stage at 10 pm on November 2 with his melodious tunes for the opening night concert, and tickets are now available on For those unable to attend in person, the concert can be live-streamed for SAR10 per device.


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Discover The BLVD World Zone 

This expansive zone finally returning, now much larger than the previous year, demonstrating their commitment to making this season even more spectacular. It stands as one of the most extensive sections of Riyadh Season and was built in just 82 days. The popular zone includes four new areas which feature a record-breaking shopping area comprising over 1,000 shops, 120 restaurants and cafes, as well as many performances and shows.

Boulevard World Takes The Stage With a Spark

BLVD World Sub-Zones and Activities

You won’t need to pack a suitcase for this trip. You can easily explore France, China, Mexico, America, India, Morocco, Spain, Italy, and Greece without going through customs, as BLVD World brings you a piece of each within their space. 

In addition, there’s a cable car ready to receive guests and take theme rom Boulevard City to any zone. Guests will also find the world’s largest artificial lake and a variety of theme park rides.


Eight of Boulevard World’s attractions will be open from 4 pm to midnight daily starting November 2. These include:

Cocomelon Playdate

A fun opportunity for you and your little ones to interact with their favorite cartoon characters in an engaging environment.


Play O City

Walk alongside Optimus Prime and the Power Rangers and have fun with My Little Pony and the hippo from Hungry Hippo in this  experience, where you can interact with all your favorite characters, including My Little Pony and the hippo from Hungry Hippo. 



Defy gravity and strike your coolest superhero poses as you soar through the air at SuperFly. 


King Tut Museum

For those who prefer less jump scares and terrors, enter the immersive and interactive museum showcasing one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time, the tomb of King Tut. 


Mummy Quest

Feel like archaeologists after the King Tut experience? Attempt to decipher the secrets of an ancient cemetery and escape the Lost Temple in Mummy Quest.


Escape Room

Race against the sands of time as you solve riddles, outsmart traps, and explore more to escape from the ancient Egyptian mummy’s tomb. 


Hotel Horror

Welcome to Hotel Horror, where check-in is now, but check-out is never! Try to escape the hotel of horrors with nothing but your wits while uncovering the secrets hidden behind the eerie closed doors. 


The Island of Dolls

If dolls give you the creeps, you might want to stay away from this island. To leave, you must free the spirits trapped within deformed dolls. 


The fun does not stop there! You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of activities, including:

– Amazonia Awakens

– Amphicar

– Around the World (paragliding and swinging)

– Battle Dome

– Boulevard Forest

– Boulevard Dolphinarium

– Boulevard Lagoon

– Boulevard Pier

– Combat Village

– Cyber Slime

– Floating Donut

– Fun Zone

– Giant Wheel R60


– Little Venice

– Lost City

– Metaworld VR

– Monopoly

– Pirates of Boulevard Lake

– Roaming Shows (all sub-zones)

– Skill games

– Skyloop (theme park ride)

– Survival Race

– Taxi Mania

– The Planet

– Top Shot

– War Castle Line of Fire

– Water Taxi

– Wave Swinger (theme park ride)


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