Beyond Basics: Shaving, Microbraids and Colors

A shift from the mainstream.

This summer, the heat should be the least of your worries as hairstylists have come up with extremely cool hair trends: shaving, microbraids, and fascinating hair colors. These hairstyles have taken over.

1. Shaving 


Shaving is not just a hairstyle, it’s a statement. A lady’s beauty is not measured by the length of her hair. If you’re feeling ballsy shave your head completely. If not, shave a part. Your head is a stencil; make it a masterpiece.

Sahar Al-Nasser, a Saudi hairstylist, learned the art of shaving. She is a young pioneer who acquired her skills from a workshop in Dubai and two years of practice; from the basics like how to hold the scissors perfectly to studying different types of equipment and face shapes. Grateful for the constant support of her parents, she hopes to achieve a Masters in hairstyling and starting her own salon.

Contact Info: 

Instagram: zay.shave

Mob: +966 545546169

2. Hair Coloring 


The hair coloring game gets better. Bold, daring and bright hair colors tend to give you a new personality and make you feel more confident.

From cinnamon to platinum, Michelle Carey does it all. She is a licensed hairstylist from Paul Mitchell School. This American cosmetologist, who resides in Riyadh, is more than just a stylist. She is passionate about making people happy and satisfied by playing with their hair.

The best thing about her: she knows how to give you the color you want without damaging your hair. Besides, she makes the sessions fun.

Michelle Tips:

  • Washing colored hair with cold water won’t shed as much pigment as compared to hot water.
  • Take a shower every other day. It’s best for all hair type.
  • While bleaching, take it slow and know of what to expect. Besides, don’t forget ‘Olaplex’.

Contact info:


Instagram: Haircologist

3. Micro-Braid


To be honest, braiding is one of the best ways to deal with frizz or an oily scalp. By adding color and lengthy extensions to your hair, you can make your braids look unique. The process is long but totally worth it. There’s bound to be some tugging, but your hair will always be on fleek.

Asma, a Riyadhi hairstylist, has aced the braid game. She makes the process fun and gets through it quickly.

DR TIP: These braids can last two months as they are somewhat permanent, but not more.

Contact info:

Mob: +966 551586682

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