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Beauty Essentials For Honeymooners

By Zareen Muzaffar

Most brides wonder if they forgot to plan for and buy the small items that can be lifesavers while on their honeymoon. Here is a list of some important items every traveling bride needs.

Compact Cosmetic Bag

There are some handy compact bags that store many essential items such as your makeup, perfume, mirror, charger or anything you need to travel. Ted Baker London has quite a few stylish and colorful bags that can be used to carry such items. Scoop: The Ted Baker sale is on for a limited time and bags, scarves, cell phone covers, shoes are available at a discounted price. These compact bags are available starting at SR 135. Victoria’s Secret is another great place for compact bags.

Available at Ted Baker: Mall of Arabia, Al Salaam Mall
And Victoria’s Secret: Tahlia Shopping Center, Heraa Mall
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Small Disposable Containers

This is the most important item for those who don’t want to carry big bottles of creams, shampoos or serums with them when traveling. Pour a small amount of your daily skin care routine into these small disposable containers and that will help you travel light (and easy).

Containers available at Souk Al Shatee and Whites Pharmacy (Al Salaam Mall, Haifaa Mall)

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Dry Shampoo / Hair Spray

Dry shampoo is great for those who have somewhat of an oily scalp. Dust the dry shampoo evenly on your scalp when you don’t have time to wash your hair. Dry Shampoo gives a good lift to the hair making it easier to style or maintain.

Batiste Dry Shampoo is available at Whites Pharmacy (Al Salaam Mall, Haifaa Mall) and at Noura Pharmacy.

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Essential Accessories

Store your bobby pins, hair band, elastic bands, comb/ hairbrush in that compact beauty bag and you won’t need a hairstylist. Create the perfect tousled look by backcombing and using bobby pins to secure the look. If you are looking to add some bling to your hair, check out @bellesbyraquel accessories on Instagram.

Hair accessories by @bellesbyraquel are available at Cream Jeddah, Stars Avenue and Accessorize (Aziz Mall, Mall of Arabia, Haifaa Mall)

Grooming Set 

There are small kits available at many stores that include a nail cutter, nail file, scissors, tweezers, and such a grooming kit is essential for every one. Most airlines don’t allow sharp objects on the plane so make sure you place your grooming kit in your suitcase (not the carry-on).

Grooming kits are available at Virgin Megastore (Red Sea Mall), Whites Pharmacy (Haifaa Mall, Al Salaam Mall) and Souk al Shatee.

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First Aid Kit 

Make your own kit with Band-Aids and a small bottle of antiseptic. Treat any minor accidental cuts with an antibiotic cream and Band-Aid.

Health essentials are available at Noura Pharmacy and Nahdi Pharmacy.


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Do not forget to put your concealer in your bag. This magic wand will cover any dark circles caused by sleepless nights, stress or pollution. Use your favorite concealer to hide any unwanted blemishes or that pimple you never wanted!

Makeup Forever’s concealer (SR 165) provides full coverage and YSL’s Touche Eclat not just covers but provides an illuminating effect too! Get yours at Wojooh, Debenhams, Paris Gallery or Sephora.

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Thermal Facial Spray

Who doesn’t love the fresh spritz of cooling thermal water on the face especially on a hot sweltering day? Not hot? Don’t worry, it’s equally refreshing for cooler weather too when the heated indoors make your skin feel dry and tight.

La Roche Posay’s Thermal Spring Water for sensitive skin is available at Whites Pharmacy and Nahdi Pharmacy.

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