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Be a Knockout – Riyadh’s Boxing for Fitness Trend

  • Ahmed Khalil, Riyadhi rapper, singer, video editor and since 2013, amateur boxer.

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Want to hit stuff and feel good about it? Boxing may just be the right workout for you.

Boxing has become a mainstream choice for health buffs looking for a total body workout. We first sat down with the trainers of Fitness First to tell us a bit about the revival of boxing as a new training choice among health buffs in the city.

According to their trainer, “Boxing is a general body interval training which involves heart rate peaks and valleys which is proven to be the best for burning calories and reducing body fat. It is a good muscle toning and lean muscles optimization.”

Moreover, a typical boxing routine targets multiple areas of fitness, it’s not just a matter of throwing punches. As the experts advised, “There is the right technique for the punches and the kicks which will be more on the practical side of the exercise than the cardio side. It will include a variety of exercises to increase your stamina. Agility exercises are as important important to move with efficiency a wide selection of other exercises focusing on the general sides of the boxing.”

Khalil’s introduction to boxing came at a time when he was feeling down after being disqualified from Arabs Got Talent due to a technicality. His father saw him throwing out his frustration on a wall, and said, “If you are going to punch things, make it count. Do boxing.”

He joined a local gym and began training. Contrary to his “punch-punch-punch” belief, he quickly learned that boxing is a holistic sport that required speed, mental strategy and a whole lot of balance.

Khalil has competed in over 40 matches in the last two years. When asked what his most memorable fight is, he said, “I had a big fight that unfortunately was on the same day as my wedding engagement. I won but I got a broken nose. I went to my wife’s family and her dad said, ‘Why do you think I will let you marry my daughter when you come here looking like that?’”

After getting married, Khalil took a back seat when it comes to boxing matches. His in-laws asked if he could veer away from fights. Khalil agreed but he continues to do his training, more as a form of staying fit rather than as a sport.


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